Embattled TSA takes one hit after another – Politico

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Fisher1949, Apr 30, 2012.

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    With any luck this will be a campaign issue by the Republican convention.
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    TSA is taking incoming because they have worked very hard to piss off the whole country and getting fragged by friendlies should be expected.

    This TSA crap didn't just pop up over night and I suggest that each and every TSA employee is responsible for the current attitude inside TSA and the public's attitude outside of TSA. The bad TSA employees have been tolerated by others in TSA and no one seems willing to stand up and admit TSA has a problem. To top it all off the folks in TSA HQ appear to be the most incompetent bunch of slackers ever envisioned.

    TSA brought to you by John S. Pistole, Slacker Extraordinaire.
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    The TSA attitude is shown in their press releases after each fiasco (this is standard procedure, we did nothing wrong). Echoed by TSA goosesteppers in the blogosphere. Never addressing the real issue that the people they are supposed to serve find their behavior abhorrent regardless of whether it is standard procedure or not. They have totally ignored the people's objections hoping it would all blow over. Well, it's not blowing over, its blowing up.
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    I thought the artist depicted the TSA agent just perfectly! Wonder if I could buy a porcupine suit somewhere???
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    Good find! Humor can be quite effective as a remedy for self-importance.

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