Emily Six: Ottumwa Girl Sent to Juvie for Terrorist Pre-Crime

Discussion in 'Civil Rights & Privacy' started by KrazyKat, Dec 25, 2011.

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    Keep running your mouth fat boy, it's only gonna add zeros to to the settlement. It's real sad can't post comments on these sites, but would probably crash there small sites.
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    KTVO does accept comments. KrazyKat quoted some of these earlier, but I'm going to paste more of them in here (I don't believe they can claim a copyright on reader's comments -- only the readers can make that claim):

    At this point there are > 3 dozen comments total:

  3. Mike

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    Executive summary:
    • Daughter's been sitting in the hoosgow for 8-9 days now & apparently hasn't even been Mirandized.
    • Father is currently unemployed.
    • Lawyer's tab starts at $7,500.
    Can we raise part of that $7.5K? Not sure where to send it ...
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    We can ask in the comments at that (though I can't comment there, as apparently they only take Facebook comments and I'm not on FB). Can we find out the name of her lawyer? Since the father says he can't afford the cost, I'm guessing she has a public defender? Overworked, underpaid, up-to-his/her-eyeballs-in-cases public defender? Would such a person even have time to set up a Legal Defense Fund? I have no idea what's involved.
  5. Mike

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    It's a private lawyer, not a public defender, so he'll end having to pay the $$$. The name of the attorney was not specified.​

    Her church (Ottumwa Baptist Temple) appears not to have a web site, does have a listed phone #: (641) 682-4836​

    There's a listing for Michael L. Six (probably father) in Switchboard.​

    Can someone ask in the FB comments at http://www.heartlandconnection.com/news/story.aspx?id=700503 (echoing Lisa's suggestion)​
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    It seems to me that there are a LOT of political bigwigs in the state for the next week.

    Some of them even running to be bully-in-chief.

    And they will no doubt be stopping through Ottumwa at frequent intervals.

    Does ANYONE in the mainstream media have big enough balls to ask the bigwigs their opinion on this story?

    And do any of the bigwigs have big enough balls to answer?
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  7. Lisa Simeone

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    Doubtful. They're more interested in the usual pandering and the horse race aspect of elections.
  8. barbell

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    I third the suggestion to start what little defense fund we can here.

    Perhaps logistically one of us can manage to collect funds and get them to the church? Reading those comments Mike posted rends my heart. It is blatantly obvious that this girl doesn't even have it in her to do anything remotely of what she's accused of. The father is obviously overwhelmed.

    Just thinking out loud here, if someone wants to contribute and wished to remain totally anonymous, one can go to the post office or local grocery store, and purchase a money order with cash. That money order can be dropped in the mail, and one of us can aggregate funds. Of course we could also have a paypal set up for those who don't mind and want to use a card, or checks can always be mailed. I'd be willing to take on the aggregation of funds, if we decide this is what we should do. I'll just need a little time to anonymize an address and paypal account for my own protection from terrorists like Ottumwa police chief Jim Clark.

    We most certainly must fight against terrorists and tyrants. Those who wish to do us harm, like Ottumwa police chief Jim Clark, must meet resistance. If we can fund this innocent's defense as part of that resistance, I'm in. I'm all in.
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    It seems to me, that if someone in the mainstream media wanted to get a national story, and get themselves on the national news, they should ask someone like Mr. Paul how he feels about government run amok like this, preferrably with a heads up to his communication director first so Mr. Paul can pre-wordsmith his rant, and serve up a nice, fat softball.
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    Where's the ACLU in all of this? Should not they have stepped in by now?

    Not certain that I like the idea of sending any money for Emily c/o her church - but that's my prejudice re: organized religion.

    Chief Jim Clark certainly is giving this girl the shaft. He's bullying someone who cannot defend herself. She was chosen to be a scapegoat exactly because she can't defend herself.
  11. David Sims

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    That might be correct.

    In a sense, the arrest of Emily Six on this very inflated charge is, itself, a terrorist attack with a political message. If that message were put in plain language, this is what it would be:

    "If we would do this to an underage girl, just imagine what we'd do to you! You had better fear us. You'd better not do anything we frown on. Think you have 'rights'? HA! Let's see what you think when we're done with you!"

    The law that defines terrorism in her case reads, in part:

    708A.1 Definitions. For purposes of this chapter... “Terrorism” means an act intended to intimidate or coerce a civilian population...

    That's why the arrest of Emily Six is, itself, terrorism. It is an act intended to intimidate or coerce a civilian population, especially white Americans. The very fact that she was arrested and charged with terrorism, while the scores of "Beat Whitey" black youths at the 2010 Iowa State Fair were not so charged, indicates that fighting terrorism isn't really the reason for the arrest. Rather, intimidating white people was the reason for the arrest, and for its subsequent media showcasing.

    Although Iowa has a substantial number of black "youths" who conspired to commit, and then actually did commit, a massive terrorist attack, under circumstances that justify additional "hate crime" charges, the police in that state have chosen a white girl, whose only crime was thoughtless speech, to be their counter-terrorism object lesson. But if the real motive for Emily's arrest were counter-terrorism, then Emily would be waiting her turn—behind those blacks whose terrorist crimes were prior to, and infinitely worse than, anything she might have done. Obviously, then, the real motive of her arrest can't be counter-terrorism. Rather, the real motive is the intimidation of white people, and the counter-terrorism purpose is simply a mask, a facade, a pretext.
  12. David Sims

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    Emily Six is white. She probably is "straight" and Christian. The ACLU wouldn't be interested in defending her rights. In order to have the sympathy of the ACLU, you probably need to have a sufficient total of "points" which you'd merit by being gay, Jewish, black, a (non-white) illegal immigrant, or some combination thereof.
  13. David Sims

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    Bypass Michael. Get ahold of Emily's lawyer and offer him a deal in which you'll give him 1.5 times more money than Emily's family owes him if he will agree to forgive their legal fees.
  14. Mike

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    All we need is his or her name. Most attorneys in this type of case are just happy to get paid something.

    We are not going to guarantee the entire legal tab, let alone 1.5X.
  15. Mike

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    None of that really matters -- Emily Six already has attorney. No other attorney can interfere in the case uninvited without incurring ethics & conflict of interest issues.

    Plus, the ACLU rarely gets involved at this stage of a case.
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    I agree that Jim Clark is an idiot and that these draconian "terrorism" laws are designed to terrorize us, the general public. But I'm not going to stand by while someone claims it's all a conspiracy against white people. Look at our prisons, David. They are filled with poor white, black, and Hispanic people -- but mostly black and Hispanic.

    This is legalized slavery. This country still offers far more privilege to white people than to anyone else. It's (expletive deleted) to claim that we're somehow being persecuted.

    If you're a poor, rural white person, yes, you're more likely to be targeted and chewed up by the system than a privileged, educated, middle-class white person. Just look at the so-called war on drugs -- it's a dragnet for poor people, while millions of middle- and upper-class dealers & users go free.

    Enough with this nonsense about poor whitey.
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  17. Mike

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  18. Mike

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    No news media reports on Emily since late December, no new comments in the local newspaper since 2 Jan. It appears she has now been forgotten by almost everyone.
  19. Mike

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    Finally an update for Emily Kay Six ...

    Heartland Connection / KTVO (12 Jan 2012): Hearing set for Ottumwa terrorism conspiracy

    Conspiracy? Oh, my! Doesn't a conspiracy consist of multiple actors plotting their evil deeds together? For example, we once had the Chicago Seven. And here in Minnesota we once were torrorized by a group of maniacal Hausfrauen known as the Willmar Six. And now we are dealing with ... (drum roll) ... the ...

    Ottumwa One

    Just one? Yes, Six is one. Sorry about the math, but that's how it seems to have worked out. 3+ weeks later, there have been no additional arrests, not even a mention of any other specific suspect. None only have the other members of her "conspiracy" not materialized, it seems the prosecutors are scarely giving Ottumwa Police Chief Jim "Deputy Dog" Clark's big terrorism case the attention it hardly deserves. At least something in Ottumwa is moving in the right direction.

    The evidence? As I said from the beginning, some intervention was probably necessary:

    So they have one (!) possible witness to plans that Emily Kay Six appears to have been 100% incapable of carrying out.

    Sounds like she wrote something down, then thought the better of it & tore it up & threw it out. I could have used such a list when I was 16. The "going to happen" column would have been fairly long at times. :D

    Based on torn up garbage -- really proud of you there, Ottumwa Police Chief Jim "Deputy Dog" Clark. You're such a real whiz bang at this anti-terrorism stuff.

    So she had no means with which to carry out the "conspiracy", the evidence for which consisted of trash, literally. Ottumwa Police Chief Jim "Deputy Dog" Clark is batting a 1000 here.

    Cool. So the saga can continue. Given Ottumwa Police Chief Jim "Deputy Dog" Clark's track record to date, the contents of these items will probably turn out to be equally uninteresting.

    That's a good name, I guess, especially out of the trash can.

    Welcome to age 16.
  20. Mike

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    Comments by her father Michael Six posted with the most recent article ....

    And most disturbing ...

    So this unfortunate girl, who already had a problem with being bullied, was further harassed by three other kids (perhaps some of the same bullies) to help Ottumwa Police Chief Jim "Deputy Dog" Clark make his big terrorism case? Did it ever occur to these retards and morons to have a responsible adult -- school counselor, nurse, social worker -- try to reach out to this kid and HELP her?

    One of the other comments by a mother of one of her classmates paints a description of a girl very alone & isolated in physical education class, never talking to other students.
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