Emma Watson mistaken for child traveling alone at airport

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by THawk996, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. THawk996

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    Emma Watson mistaken for child traveling alone at airport
    On Twitter Emma Watson mentions "Passport Control" so it might have been CBP instead of TSA. Apparently our ever vigilant security personnel don't bother actually looking at the birth date or other information on one's passport.
  2. FliesWay2Much

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    Based on her Twitter, or whatever you call it, this sounds like she was held up and interrogated at customs and immigration. Actually, it's poetic justice that the TSA is blamed for every stupidity happening at the USA's airports these days. I, for one, don't mind it a bit.

    But, I'll bet that Blogdad Bob comes out with an explanatory post absolving the TSA of all blame.
  3. Sunny Goth

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    I know how she feels. This has happened to me too. I can laugh now, but back then it wasn't so funny. One other time I was traveling with my parents and my aunt to Hong Kong (so I was 'accompanied' at age 29) and the flight attendant commented to my mom words to the effect of 'oh, your daughter is going to look just like you when she grows up." Both me and my mom were a little taken aback, and all my mom could say was 'but she's already grown up'. I know looking much younger than you are sounds like a good problem to have, and I suppose it is, but it can lead to some embarrassing and uncomfortable situations.
  4. nachtnebel

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    but mostly in bars :)
  5. Sunny Goth

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    Don't get me started about the bars! :p
  6. DeafBlonde

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    Yep, I remember those days. On my first day in college, when I answered the "roll call" in Calculus I, the professor said, "You don't look old enough to be a high school graduate. Are you sure you're in the right school?" I remember the feeling of consternation I had at that time...

    Much later when I was in my mid 30's, my son was having a sleep-over party for his 13th birthday, so I stopped at the local convience store to buy a six-pack of beer for my own self-defense against a housefull of teenage boys. The clerk said he was sorry, but he would have to see my ID (this was back in the day when they only "carded" you if they "knew" you were under the legal drinking age, not as a matter of course). I said, "Don't appologize; you just made my whole week!!" Things change...
  7. RB

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    I'm 39, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!
  8. CelticWhisper

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    And how long have you been 39, RB? :p
  9. Mike

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    At least as long as Jack, who eventually died at 39.
  10. Frank

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    Today you could have stripped that jackass of tenure.
  11. Fisher1949

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    Keep in mind that their "age recognition powers" enable them to determine who is under 12 and over 75 to receive special privileges. Since TSA decides the age of the passenger, there is a obviously flaw in Emma's birth record that needs to be corrected.
  12. DeafBlonde

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    He really wasn't being a "jackass." He said that in jest, and by then, I was used to comments of that nature. Still irked me a little bit, as in "Jeeze, here we go again with the 'age thing!'"

    A similar thing happened when I was giving birth to my son. The nurse looked at my chart to verify my information against my arm band, and said, "I would have never guessed you were 20. I thought you were somewhere around 13 or 14, max!". I winced and said, "Right now, I feel more like someone in their 60's!"

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