End of Joe Arpaio?

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  1. Mike

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    Results of election for Maricopa County Sheriff are on their home page:

    The pink underwear and baloney sandwiches were cute, but the reign of Joe Arpaio has turned into a costly and deadly civil rights debacle. The Feathered Bastard needs to be gone.
  2. Mike

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    Unfortunately the Feathered Bastard is kicking butt.

    With 31% of precincts reported, the Feathered Bastard is leading 54:42. Maricopa residents must enjoy funding million dollar judgements and racking up a body count at the county jail. I think we can conclude that only the Justice Dept. has the potential to un-elect the Feathered Bastard.
  3. nachtnebel

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    the majority must have a masochistic or sadistic streak. Does Feathered Bastard = Quetzalcoatalsucker?
  4. Oh yeah, my parents live in AZ and they love Joe Arpaio. They're normally libertarian leaning tea partiers, but somehow they have a kind of amnesia or delirium when it comes to this man. There's no reasoning with one's parents on some of this stuff, so I don't even try.
  5. RB

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    Well Joe is 80 years old. He won't be around to much longer.
  6. Mike

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    This is the kind of animal that works for the Feathered Bastard. Actually there were two animals, a second one [Steven Carpenter] who helped him do the drive from Phoenix to West Fargo & chauffered him to the assault was given immunity in exchange for his testimony. Guess the thin blue line dissolves when your looking at prison time! :D

    Grand Forks Herald: Arizona deputy charged in beating of West Fargo man (Nov 7 2012)

    A sheriff’s detective from Arizona who allegedly drove to West Fargo in September and brutally assaulted a man who had an affair with his wife was arrested Wednesday in Phoenix. Detective Timothy Abrahamson of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department was taken into custody without incident at his workplace on an arrest warrant for an aggravated assault charge filed in Cass County last Friday. In a rare move, the Cass County State’s Attorney’s Office also granted immunity from prosecution to a Maricopa County sheriff’s deputy who allegedly rode to West Fargo with Abrahamson, in exchange for the deputy’s testimony.​


    The victim in the assault, 41-year-old Jason Swart, lost part of his right ear in the attack and suffered serious facial cuts, bruising and swelling that “appeared to be consistent with multiple strikes to the face with some sort of weapon,” West Fargo Police Detective Derek Cruff wrote in a search warrant affidavit. “It appears to me that it was a well-planned out, long-time planned out event,” Cruff said.​


    Police responded at 1:38 p.m. that day to Swart’s home on Parkway Lane for a reported assault. Swart told police he had been out with family for lunch and returned home by himself. When he stepped out of his vehicle, a black, low-profile car with two men inside pulled into his driveway. The driver, described by Swart as having bald fuzz-type hair and a goatee, got out of the car and asked him if he was Jason. The driver then told Swart that he had been receiving Swart’s mail and handed him a folder. “Mr. Swart stated that he turned to open the envelope, and then realized he was lying on the ground in a pool of his own blood,” the affidavit states. When he regained his composure, Swart realized the envelope, the driver and the black car were gone, Cruff said.​


    Swart told police he believed he was assaulted by the husband of a woman with whom he’d had an affair. He and the woman, a friend from high school named Trinity Abrahamson, had reconnected on Facebook. Cruff said Swart was single at the time. In July 2011, they met at the Greater Grand Forks Fair. Swart learned that the woman and her husband were separated and talking about divorce, and that evening they went to a bar together and later had sex, the affidavit states.​


    Lots more in Grand Forks Herald article.
  7. Mike

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    They're already talking about a recall election. The margin would have been a lot narrower if it had been a two-way race ...

    Phoenix New Times Blog: Joe Arpaio Recall Fever Meets Two Americans at Harkins

    Should it be done? For that, I suggest you go see the documentary Two Americans, by filmmakers Valeria Fernandez and Dan DeVivo.

    Watch as Arpaio gloats about ginning up false charges on his enemies, makes children cry as he arrests their undocumented moms and dads for daring to work for a living, laughs about watching people be tortured in Central and South America when he worked for the DEA there, and calls Tent City his private concentration camp.

    Then consider his victims: U.S. Army vet Marty Atencio, diabetic mom Deborah Braillard, and on and on.

    Think of the millions in taxpayers' dollars he's wasted and misspent. Consider the victims of sex crimes and murders his deputies did not properly investigate.

    Then you tell me if it should be done.

    At the very least, it should be seriously considered.
  8. Mike

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    Article on Timothy Abrahamson from the Phoenix viewpoint ... Just as they tag articles about Joe Arpaio with Feathered Bastard, this one is tagged All the Sheriff's Men.

    Abrahamson Timothy.jpg

    Phoenix New Times Blog: Deputy Tim Abrahamson, Accused Attacker of Man Who Cuckolded Him, was Key Figure in Sheriff Arpaio's Disgraced Anti-Corruption Team

    Detective Tim Abrahamson, who played a lead role in some of the discredited MACE investigations that led to the disbarment of former County Attorney Andrew Thomas, drove to North Dakota in September and attacked his wife's ex-lover, police say. Abrahamson created a ruse to get close to the man, then beat him severely with some kind of weapon, say North Dakota authorities. Part of the victim's ear was sliced off.

    Records show that Abrahamson planned the attack meticulously and drove to North Dakota on a day off with another Maricopa deputy, Steven Carpenter. Carpenter was given immunity by North Dakota authorities in order to tattle on Abrahamson, which he apparently did.

    We've long suspected that some of Arpaio's MACE guys really were thugs.


    Arpaio's office didn't return messages about the case. We wanted to ask if Carpenter is being investigated by the Sheriff's Office for possible policy violations, and whether Abrahamson had a clean record at the agency before this incident.

    "Clean" being a relative term at the Sheriff's Office, naturally.
  9. Mike

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    The Feathered Bastard has already announced for the 2016 election. Meanwhile, the article below looks back at his last four years in office, which should give us an idea as to what to expect for the next four, assuming he doesn't end up in a federal lockup along the way.

    Phoenix New Times Blog: Sheriff Joe Arpaio: The 25 Most Read Stories of His Previous Term
  10. Mike

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    I've fixed all the Feathered Bastard links to go the right place -- they should make more sense now.

    Sorry about that!

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