ETD strikes again: Man with prosthetic leg says he missed flight because of TSA screening [PIT]

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Mike, May 14, 2013.

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    WPXI: Man with prosthetic leg says he missed flight because of TSA screening

    The Transportation Security Administration is looking into whether anything was done wrong when a man with a prosthetic leg was screened Monday at Pittsburgh International Airport. The man missed his flight because he said TSA agents were not efficient in screening him. Chris Griffin said he was pulled to a separate screening room after an explosive residue, that he said was chemicals used to clean pools, was found on his hand. According to TSA regulations, if explosive material is detected, the passenger will have to undergo additional screening.

    While Griffin said he understands why he was pulled aside, when he was checked in the room, he said TSA agents didn't seem to know what they were looking for and repeated screenings that were already performed on the prosthetic leg. Griffin said he told the agents he only had 15 more minutes to make his flight, but he said they didn't work any faster. He ended up missing his flight to Newark.
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    Can someone far more media-saavy than me send this story to Drudge and others in the hope that it will go viral? These are happening with enough frequency that it's time we attacked the private room doctrine in the court of public opinion. Everyone subjected to the Rape Room seems to believe that it's done for security reasons rather than to hide the genital grabbing from the public.
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    Drudge has a submission box ("SEND NEWS TIPS TO DRUDGE") in the lower right corner, just copy the URL, add your comments, click submit ...
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    Roger... I'll give it a shot in the morning.
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    I use the tip box all the time and have had a few stories pop up within 30 minutes, not that mine was necessarily the one that they spotted. Most recently used it on the dog bite story when I stumbled across it about 8 minutes after it was posted at the original site. Half an hour later it was on Drudge.

    That box is a neat feature and I'm curious how it works since no one else seems to have it. Most other news sites either have no "tip line" or a provide an email address. The Drudge version is anonymous except for possible IP capture and easy to use.
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    Probably gets sent as an email to someone, might just be appended to a file that someone can pull up.

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