Eva Longoria's LAX Airport Security Screening

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    She voluntarily used the scanner rather than take the grope so that is her business. However, it occurs to me that this highlights a severe flaw in TSA's supposed privacy argument. As everyone here knows, LAX is a RapiScan BKSX without any ATD software, so the naked image and peeper are still in use.

    While TSA says that the person viewing the image in the booth cannot see the passenger, they neglect to mention that the screener at the checkpoint is in radio communication with the person in the booth so that they can be told if the person is clear or needs to be patted down. It also means that the checkpoint screener can tell the peeper that Eva Longoria or another celebrity is in the booth so the viewer will know whose naked picture they are viewing. This enables the viewer to connect the image to a person thereby destroying any supposed “privacy” that TSA says passengers have in remaining unknown to the viewer. It may work to some extent for us anonymous folks but not celebrities and public figures.

    Obviously all the person in the booth needs to do is use a cell phone or a hidden camera disguised as a pen or key fob to capture the screen image. These devices are inexpensive and readily available through a variety of internet sellers. Despite what they say, they aren't likely to check the peeper for anything beyond a cell phone.

    Celebrities and other public figures are particularly susceptible to having their naked scan images posted on internet sites by rogue TSA employees, particularly those whose naked scan picture may have market value..Based on this year’s record of 56 screener arrests in ten months, there are plenty of TSA workers with criminal tendencies so the question may be not if these images are out there but when they will surface.
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    Oh...well.....uhhh....she kept her sunglasses on when she went in for the scan....sooooooo...shhhuuuurrrllly nooooone will recognize her, right? ;)
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    There is no reason to continue to deploy the backscatter when L3 with ATR is available.
  4. Yep. "Heads up, got a cutie for you" indeed.

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