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Discussion in 'Civil Rights & Privacy' started by JoeBas, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. JoeBas

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    So the City of Galveston passed a plan to charge for parking along the seawall, and the GLO (State agency in charge of the beaches) rejected their plan because almost 75% of the revenue would have gone to the private company running the program. Go figure.

    So they cooked up a new plan with fake, "Estimated" numbers rather than the research-driven numbers they used before... and coincidentally, a much higher "Estimated" revenue. Hmmm. But bad as that is, that's not even the worst part of the plan. Per the article at Galveston Daily News this morning:

    "Parking will cost $1 per hour for up to 8 hours. Unlike downtown public parking, there will be no kiosks involved — just a phone and a credit card — because visitors will register their license plate numbers and pay for parking exclusively on a website.

    “That’s the only option you have — to enter your license number,” Maxwell said.

    Four Galveston police cruisers will be outfitted with Automatic License Plate Recognition equipment similar to the technology used to identify license plates on interstate highways, and can read plates even if the vehicles are parked end-to-end, Maxwell said.

    In addition to determining the parking status of each vehicle on the Seawall, police will also use the Automatic License Plate Recognition technology to see if there is an outstanding warrant on a vehicle, if the vehicle is stolen or an Amber Alert connected to the owner, he said.

    Police will use the same approach to ensure that seawall visitors don’t beat the system by parking for free in adjacent neighborhoods, Maxwell said.

    “What makes this system really great for neighborhood enforcement is that residents will register their license plates and the plates of their guests,” so police can identify and fine vehicles that do not belong, he said."

    Yeah, supply the government with the license plates of their vehicles, AND THEIR GUESTS. "Great".
  2. barbell

    barbell Coach Coach

    How is this not considered a dragnet?
  3. JoeBas

    JoeBas Original Member

    Easy - it hasn't been tested in court yet, because it hasn't been built yet.
  4. Frank

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    And you have no standing to challenge it unless you get caught by that dragnet.
  5. nachtnebel

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    what do y'all have to hide?
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  6. Frank

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    The first question a tyrant asks.
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  7. JoeBas

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    Yup... it seems the government can do anything it wants, at least once.
  8. Mike

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    I have a real aversion to giving out credit card numbers on phone, also discussing them on the phone in public places.

    & I can just see daddy trying get all the kids to be quiet so he can make a phone call and park the car. :rolleyes:
  9. JoeBas

    JoeBas Original Member

    Everyone make sure you bring your cell phone to the beach. No poor people with no cells allowed. ;)
  10. Sunny Goth

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    It really depends on what happens to that data once it's collected. If the license plates are stored in a database, shared freely with any and all law enforcement for any reason, then you've essentially rounded up every one (or at least their car) in a particular place at a particular time. And it's attached to a credit card! Yikes.
  11. Sunny Goth

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  12. RB

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    If this plan is put in place I think the best course of action is to remove Galveston from places to go. If possible notify businesses along the sea wall and let them know.
  13. JoeBas

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    In a follow-up interview on local TV, Galveston Police Spokesman Joe Isuzu was quoted as saying "Trust us!..."

  14. JoeBas

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    Done and done. Seawall places are way overpriced compared to local places on the bay for locals anyway. ;)
  15. JoeBas

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  16. Frank

    Frank Original Member

    That should be shot down with extreme prejudice.

    And people wonder why I want to bring back the stocks, dunking stool, and whipping post especially for :trash: birds like this. The people who thought this up should get twenty lashes and a bucket of salt water.
  17. TravelnMedic

    TravelnMedic Original Member

    Looks like I will just avoid the seawall area as that :trash: just waiting to hit the rotating osscilator . Ill just stick to the "backwaters" and bay area... better food and atmosphere.
  18. JoeBas

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    Hopefully the GLO will see right through this farce and shut this plan down fast.

    Galveston already lost a war this month fighting to not rebuild public housing destroyed in Hurricane Ike.
  19. Sunny Goth

    Sunny Goth Original Member Coach

    I liked it too. :)
  20. Sunny Goth

    Sunny Goth Original Member Coach

    I couldn't agree more!

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