EWR to FLL, my story

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    While I am no fan of the TSA, I realize that many TSA people are just trying to make a living in this lousy economy, and are not moletsers, and likely will not like that aspect of the job when they need to do it.

    I've done 4 flights from EWR to FLL and return since February 2012, and will do the 5th next week.

    "Knock on wood". So far my TSA treatment has been professional and courteous. I just can't complain.

    I do not opt out, and go through the metal scanner and nude-o-scope about 50% of the time each at both airports. I'm not one to take them on for the sake of an internet blog or forum post. I just want to get on the plane and get on my way.

    Yes, taking my own plane (shown below) is not cost-effective these days (fuel prices), so I save that for shorter flights.

    I follow the rules, and dress accordingly. I have yet to have an issue or have been treated in
    any abhorrent manner. Never patted down. Of course, I can certainly understand the complaints from those who have been abused.

    Now, we'll see what happens to me next week!

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