Arrested TSA Employee Ex-TSA screener charged with grand larceny [John W. Irwin @ Norfolk International Airport]

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    Wonder how much else he stole during his nine years of distinguished public service ...

    Pilot Online: Ex-TSA screener charged with grand larceny

    A former federal security screener at Norfolk International Airport has been charged with grand larceny in an alleged theft from a passenger.

    John W. Irwin, 60, turned himself in to police July 5 and was granted bond, court records state. A grand jury indicted Irwin, of Virginia Beach, in the theft of more than $200 in property from a man on Nov. 16, 2011, records state. A trial date has not been set.

    Irwin screened passengers and bags for the Transportation Security Administration, said airport authority spokesman Wayne Shank. A passenger left cash in a tray while being patted down by a security agent, Shank said. The passenger forgot the money until he reached his plane, he said. When the man returned to the check point, the money was gone, Shank said.

    TSA spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein said the money was returned to the passenger. Irwin, a federal employee, worked for the agency between September 2002 and November 2011, she said.
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    This one disposed of today.
  4. This was theft motivated by retaliation:

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    Another great example why you should NEVER let these knuckle-dragging thieves divert you to a "private" room:

    Virginian-Pilot: Judge sends TSA agent to jail for Norfolk airport theft

    A judge today sentenced a former TSA agent to six months in jail for stealing $500 cash from a passenger at Norfolk international Airport. Circuit Court Judge Charles Poston sent TSA supervisor John Irwin to jail for taking money from a screening tray while the passenger was being searched. Irwin, 60, had pleaded guilty to grand larceny.


    The victim, a passenger from New York, was flying from Norfolk on Nov. 16, 2011. The passenger told a TSA agent that he had a medical condition and needed to be patted down, the report says. The man emptied his pockets, setting an ink pen and $520 cash in the gray bin. An agent told the passenger he needed additional screening. The passenger objected but followed the agent to a private area, the report states.

    Irwin took the pen and money from the bin and put it into a drawer, the report says. When the passenger returned and asked about his money, Irwin said he hadn’t seen or heard anything about it. The passenger reported the incident to Norfolk airport police, the report says. When the passenger returned, Irwin noticed it was the man who gave his fellow employees a “hard time,” the report says. “I just didn’t let on that I had the money,” Irwin told police.

    The (expletive deleted) attorney attributed the theft to a "rare lack of judgment". Rare, my (expletive deleted)!

    Reportedly, he had told the police he was mad at the passenger for complaining about the secondary screening.

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