Ex-US Marshal: TSA 'Blind Spot' — Relying on Machines Too Much

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    Ex-US Marshal: TSA 'Blind Spot' — Relying on Machines Too Much

    There are some serious flaws in how airport security is conducted today, says former U.S. Marshal Clay Biles, and the main "blind spot" for Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents is relying too much on machines. "No matter how active you are or good at in trying to detect bombs or other dangerous items from coming on board at security checkpoints, you're not going to get them all," Biles told Ed Berliner on "MidPoint" on Array on Friday.

    "We've seen time and time again where people have breached security, have snuck onto aircraft ... "And the TSA administrator would turn around and say, 'Well, the airport is secure and they've passed all of their security inspections,' and that's just not the case."

    "The blind spot really is concentrating too much on using machines instead of training people correctly," he added. "There's little too much emphasis on using machinery and not really giving our personnel the training they really need."

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