Examiner: Four handguns could have changed the world on 9/11

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  1. Mike

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    Examiner: Four handguns could have changed the world on 9/11

    Yes, but ...

    TSA evidently agrees? Selective memory? My recollection is that Congress forced TSA to go along with armed flight deck officers.

    This article links to any article by self-defense (with a handgun, of course) expert Massad Ayoob:

    The Ayoob Files: When airline pilots draw guns

    ... which set us up for 9/11

    Left to their own devices, the feds might have enacted further regulations that could have made future 9/11s even worse:

    In 1954, after an AA DC-6 pilot (William F. Bonnell) shot & killed a wannabe hijacker:

    The Massad Ayoob article is a good read, 4 pages -- I've barely hit the highlights.
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  2. TravelnMedic

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    personally i think that they should let anyone who has a CHL or LEO carry, as those individuals have had a background check and its clean, and know how to not only shoot but accurately(IE 1-2 rounds max and you have a body on the ground). Unlike TSA who knowingly highers criminals and forces them to get clearances,amongst other things.

    The average person who doesnt handle a weapon on a regular basis is going to be more a liability then anything and more likely to end up having the weapon taken away from them and used against them. Where as someone who is trained and knows how to shoot its going to be faster on the draw and have rounds down range before the other person is even at the half ready position.

    The FAMs don't count as there to much of a liability(stick out like a eye sore) then a asset not to mention a giant waste of money.
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  3. Mike

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    The training of concealed handgun owners varies widely from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, and many/most have have very little training in reacting under pressure. Many concealed handgun owners are barely a notch above the "average person" in training, and probably no better if they got that permit through political connections.

    I had an aunt who qualified for one because my late uncle had been a well known, well respected U.S. district attorney (with some other local political feathers in his hat). Our first & only session together with a handgun involved being handed a loaded .25 auto, not knowing it was loaded and without regard to the direction in which the barrel was pointed. She got it back unloaded with advice not to use that particular clunker of a gun for anything. :D She was an absolutely wonderful woman, but I wouldn't want her packing a gun on the same airplane as I.
  4. KrazyKat

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    For qualified returning soldiers, seems like a reasonable "make-work" job to ride planes. I'd gladly have one on board and skip the pre-board theatrics.
  5. TravelnMedic

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    Well that's plain scary mike. Texas has a higher standard for chl carriers and shooting tests and scores are well above average. My skill and accuracy come courtesy of family members in the military who taught the fundamentals very well and were very good marksman so I can pick washingtons nose very well with a pistol or rifle :D

    I would only leave work for the ME not another paramedic.
  6. FriendlySkies

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    Like reading their deployment schedule in an open cabin, where nearby pax (me?) can read it? :rolleyes:
  7. Mike

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    I'm not arguing that there aren't plenty of well trained concealed carry permit holders -- there are -- but that should not be something on which to base an assumption about their qualifications, because there are plenty of exceptions. Licensed, POST-certified law enforcement officer? Yes! CCW holder? Sometimes ....
  8. Mike

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    Also don't forget that plenty of military are flying -- arm the MP's en route. As it is right now, TSA harasses them along with everyone else.

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