Exbayern, Don't Become Unemployed in Germany

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    In the category of "things are tight all over" take a look at this story out of Germany, where turning down a job offer from a legalized brothel can result in the loss of unemployment benefits (see http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/wor...s-a-prostitute-we-can-stop-your-benefits.html)
    wow. This puts the TSA groping in a different perspective. Forcing people into prostitution if they lose their jobs...At least the TSA stops at foreplay.
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    It's not like the lady didn't have any other skills. I guess women who are unemployed in Germany would be wise to create profiles that make them as sexually unappealing as possible.

    Sorry to be such a prude, but this is where the "sexual revolution" in the U.S. may lead. It's one thing when the government steps out of people's private choices, it's another when the government creates the economic conditions that lead to job loss and then insists workers become prostitutes. Gross.
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    Yeah. I guess Pistole would say, if you want your benefits, submit. We're a ways from this I hope. I suspect in Germany also, there will be a reaktion against this.
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