United States Exit control for U.S. visitors

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    Regarding the pending passport control for departing U.S. visitors ...

    Right Side News: Ten Reasons to be Skeptical of an Obama Biometric Exit
    1. This announcement comes as the department is about to be denied $30 million.
    2. The subject matter expert on biometric border solutions has been cut out of the research, development, and implementation on biometric Exit.
    3. US-VISIT is being dismantled by the administration.
    4. Internal discussions have focused entirely on an "enhanced biographic Exit", not a biometric one.
    5. The biometric Exit plan must include another series of pilots, as it seems clear the successful pilots from 2009 are in the DHS trash bin.
    6. This past week, the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Homeland Security held a hearing on President Obama's proposed budget cuts to CBP, included in the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) budget proposal for FY2013.
    7. Any plan would have to include a budget request.
    8. The president's budget significantly cuts CBP inspector funding between the ports of entry on land borders by $6 million — and Exit requires inspectors.
    9. Even if all the hurdles are overcome and Exit does happen, the Obama administration has already made clear that those who enforce the law against overstays, the agents in Immigration and Customs Enforcement, are not to pursue any illegal overstay unless national security or public safety is at stake.
    10. The history of Exit is long and complicated, rooted in numerous laws, none of which were referenced in this announcement.
    I've just excerpted the 10 key points. The article contains a full paragraph (often several) on each point.

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