Fairbanks man charged after TSA search uncovers marijuana (amount legal for personal use in AK)

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  1. Fairbanks News Miner: Fairbanks man charged after TSA search uncovers marijuana

    Okay, they seized his stash, but then didn't notify him of anything? How is that legit? It took him making a phone call to get charged? He was rather naive to call the police and ask for it back, but still -- something is wrong with the way this all transpired.

    AFAIK, the laws here do decriminalize possession of an ounce or less for personal use; however, they're not all warm and fuzzy about it, and it nearly prohibitively difficult to get a medical card. I don't understand all the red tape, but I'm told it's still technically illegal, and yet Alaska's privacy protections, through a loophole, allow an ounce or less, at least inside your house.

    So ETA: maybe somebody can fix my title -- "decriminalized", not "legal".
  2. Also thinking -- people really need to learn how to artfully conceal their cannabis when they fly. If you've got brownies, just bring brownies! And maybe put a couple of chocolate chip cookies with them on a decorative paper plate covered with saran-wrap and a ribbon so it looks like some nice lady at the office gave them to you right before you took off. And if you're going to bring the weed straight, grind it good and put it in an oregano container, maybe in some mini spice rack type of set up. Or even disguise it in a pack of cigarettes, or maybe a tin of chew. Chew is so funky it might artfully conceal the smell, too. And for heaven's sake, don't bring pipes! Acquire some cheap paraphernalia when you get there.

    I should start a stoner advice blog.
  3. RB

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    .....and tell me that TSA is not using supposedly security screening for the sole purpose of drug interdictiton.
  4. Fisher1949

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    Really. $8 billion a year to find a joint here and there. What a bargain.
  5. DeafBlonde

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    That's what I have suspected all along...well...since they started this NoS madness. The clerkpoints are nothing but an illegal (although gooberment sanctioned) G.D.'d drug dragnet. But even if the sheeple realized this, it would be ok with them as "anything the TSA does is for our sssaaaaaaftyyyyyy!" :rolleyes:
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  6. Mike

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    A well-known attorney is taking the case ...

    Fairbanks Daily News-Miner: Satterberg will defend man in TSA pot case

    If he can cast this as a state constitutional issue in an area where he's already won a major case, this should help keep it out of the federal appellate courts and render irrelevant the federal case law, e.g. that which allowed the Hawaiian conviction to be reinstated after the screener went overboard looking for child porn. Doesn't help us much in the other 49 states unless there are close parallels that could benefit from examining Alaska case law, but could put a real crimp in TSA's intrusive activities within Alaska.
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  7. Maybe it's just a sloppy article, but they claim TSA confiscated his stash, not police. Semantics?

    Glad to see this.
  8. TravelnMedic

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    Might want to check your info wRONg, as you missed yet again.
  9. TravelnMedic

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    ... And speaking of drugs, you never gave your answers to the drug idenification test that was posted on FT 2 years ago when you claimed you could identify any drug by sight. Do I need to pull those posts from the other place to refresh your failing memory, as I'd love to see you put your money where mouth for a change. It's put up or shut up wRONg!
  10. nachtnebel

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    I thought it was a taste test.
  11. Mike

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    Although I'm as excited as any of you that our beloved Muse of the Platte has returned (I can begin to appreciate what it must have been like to be on hand for the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the I'm not the least bit prone to hyperbole), let us remember that His postings will be move to His very own special thread, that His wisdom might be collected and preserved for the ages.
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  12. TravelnMedic

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    Umm from what was put as pictures in that test would leave some tripping balls with a severe case of the munchies and a priaprism from (expletive deleted) if it was a taste test. :D.

    It would be just another call in the hood for me... I swear one of these days I'm going to write a book about my experiences in the field as it would rival some of the best work of Mel & Max Brooks, Tom Clancy, and Danny Boyle.
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    You missed the one above, Mike.
  14. Frank

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    Ever transport an avulsed willie? (Almost completely bit off by wife) Trying to make a hospital report on HEAR was fun.
  15. Lisa Simeone

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  16. nachtnebel

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    you mean Bobbit wasn't a "one-off" (pardon the pun)
  17. Frank

    Frank Original Member

    Nope, this was a few years after Bobbit, and supposedly accidental. Important safety tip for men: never give your partner a back-handed compliment while receiving fellatio. That is all...
  18. Mike

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    Is that anything like being irrumated?
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  19. Frank

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    Similar, but since it was a woman performing the act on a man I don't believe the word applies.
  20. TravelnMedic

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    Fair warning, do not read while drinking any liquids or eating… I don’t want to be responsible for anyone choking or puking. You have been warned!

    ummm how to put this nicely, Yes but I really would rather not, but it seems like every time I have a rookie who is filling in for my regular partner, or if I have a trainee is I’m precepting the black cloud comes out. Needless to say I hate those shifts, and normally result in post shift adult beverages needed at 0800.
    · man vs shopvac… sausage casing inverted

    · Involuntary muscle spasm/cramp resulting near amputation when her jaw slammed shut. I nearly lost it when the charge nurse picked up the phone and I recognized the charge nurse (family friend)…. Wait for it… her name is Lorane.

    · Call came in as “Active Seizure >2 mins”. Get on scene and it was Seizure resulting in a amputation and the person choking on the appendage… I made my trainee do the removal. The trainee couldn’t hold it together and I had to take over and give it. Fortunately I had written the report down so was able to go straight through the whole thing with a straight face and not laugh to our dispatcher who relayed it to the ER we were going to. They came back with “ Medic 168 your report has been relayed to the charge nurse Dick (legal name is Richard) and Dr Touche and the trauma team is awaiting your arrival at <redacted>”. At that point I lost it, gave the radio to my partner to acknowledge as it was to much and I started laughing uncontrollably. Was delayed at destination for that one make sure the trainee wrote the charge correctly as I wasn’t taking a beating in CQI if it wasn’t all Professional, PC, and anatomically correct. When we cleared I called our dispatcher for times, and that’s when she told me the rest of the comm center staff was on the floor laughing from the patient report because I didn’t miss a beat and kept it cool calm and collected.

    · Worst one was it came in as a unconscious choking…CPR in progress which that call is always a pucker factor of 50. Sad one is I recognized that address of a regular FDCGU( Fell Down can’t get up), so the whole battalion (Batt chief, 2 engines, truck, ladder and RIT team) was toned out. Well got on scene and needless to say. She wasn’t choking, and no one was doing CPR. She had been suffocated by tiny (who was 500 easy) which in the process caved in the rib cage making her unrecognizable. Later found out from the corners report it was some who graduated from my HS the year after me. She was one of the popular kids and quite the hottie then… talk about fall from grace!

    Around the station there are calls that are legend and lore. All are given names and are well known. Just a few to name are “Kotex one”, “death by hibachi”

    umm not really, that event got national attention because of the implement used to amputate.

    Then I leave you a story from not to far from my old stomping grounds… Whatever floats your boat, but a daddy stitch or 50 might be needed along with a ice pack.

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