Father Blames TSA For Incident Which Left Baby Bleeding

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Fisher1949, Nov 21, 2012.

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    The source quality may be lacking but the story sounds all too credible.

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    Apparently, TSA employees only remember "9/11," and not "911."

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    His email address is in the InfoWars article. Googling it yields this info dated Sept, 2011:

    Stillmock, Kevin kevinrs100@yahoo.com 9413 Twilight Drive Baltimore, MD 21236. US 4105294151​

    There's also info about a property sale this year at that address, so that's likely not his current address and perhaps no longer the right phone number.

    And who knows, it might just be an Info Wars staffer, but if anyone wants to try to make contact ...
  4. This one is strange to me. Just reading the text, I'm not really up for watching the video right now. What is this "portable baby cradle"? One of those car seats you carry around? Who calls it a cradle? Plus, the details are a bit weird... if the wife saw the cradle being broken as it was shoved through the x-ray, why didn't she yell to her husband about it as he was putting the baby back in the thing? Where was she this whole time, anyway? Plus, it's not completely unbelievable that screeners would be yelling at somebody trying to get a baby re-situated after screening was complete, but it's certainly on the extreme end. I've been through a number of the more notorious west coast airports with a baby (LAX, SEA, PDX, LAS, PHX, SMF) and there was never an atmosphere of hostility, and I mostly witnessed general tolerance for baby dysfunction. Granted most of these travels were a few years ago, and of course I know that my experience is not representative of everyone else's, but it just really seems odd to me that someone minding their own business with a baby in the put-your-shoes-back-on area would be yelled at for taking a little extra time.

    Of course you all know I want to get behind anyone who has been abused by TSA. I just have to think -- he went to Infowars instead of his local news station, and his story doesn't completely make sense. I suspect embellishment here.
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    I'm confused by this statement: “Just after picking up my son and walking maybe three to five feet away from the conveyer belt, he fell out of the cradle, one reason for that being that he wasn’t fastened in, one reason being that they had apparently broken the cradle,” said Ryan.
    Did the baby fall out because the father didn't fasten him in or could he not fasten him in because the cradle was broken by the TSA? And if he couldn't fasten the baby in the cradle why then would he pick up the cradle with the baby in it?
  6. I thought that, too. I could see the guy maybe getting flustered and trying to hurry away with the baby unstrapped to strap in a little further away, and that may make the TSA a bunch of jerks for rushing him, but that wouldn't be their responsibility. If the baby's unstrapped, though, that's why he hit the floor, even if the arm of the "cradle" broke.

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