Fayetteville airport TSA questioned

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Fisher1949, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. Fisher1949

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  2. RB

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    I just don't understand why "Big Catch TSA" doesn't want to talk about Fayetteville.

    Surely if TSA doesn't have anything to hide...................
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  3. rockon

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    It is pretty awkward, isn't it? They've been simultaneously patting themselves on the back as heroes every time they catch a gun or knife at the checkpoint, even though 1) the WTMD and x-ray would catch the majority of these items (where are all those dangerous ceramic knives?) and 2) when they do miss one, they point out that guns and knives aren't going to take down a plane anyway.

    They finally get a shot at 'the big one', and 1) they miss it the first time around (even though it appears they pulled the bag for a bag check) and 2) when it was caught, it wasn't because they were using the NoS.
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  4. barbell

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    AND they go on to say that missing a gun or knife once in a while really isn't such a big deal since the real threat to aircraft nowadays is explosives.

    And apparently they miss those anyway, too.
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  5. rockon

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    Oh Noes! More training in Fayetteville!
  6. RB

    RB Founding Member

    Actually I think TSA is validating current TSA protocols very well. Missing items during screening is a given when confiscating cupcakes is a real question for TSA employees.

    TSA is broken, TSA employees are crooks and perverts, and passengers will kick (expletive deleted) if anyone tries something on an airplane.

    Perhaps congress should fire TSA and hire the public to police airplanes.
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  7. FaustsAccountant

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    You have a point here. Despite the fear-crazed idiots sheep (the ones who go 'OMG that guy has a beard and coughed') so many of the actual dangerous busts that did occurred were by fellow passengers (the shoe guy, the underwear guy, etc.)
  8. Leave no trace

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    There is another option, use the folks from this....

  9. Lisa Simeone

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    That's what I'm afraid of -- military people unleashed on us. Sorry, folks, this is a bad, bad scenario.

    But probably inevitable. As I've said so many times before, employment in a down economy -- TSA molester, DHS spy, or soldier of fortune -- jobs, jobs, jobs! The benefits of a permanent state of war!
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  10. FaustsAccountant

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    yeah but someone has to pay the gov't job's wages!
  11. rockon

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    And a permanent state of war is easier to maintain when you're making war on your own citizens. Generally no interference or complications from the international community, your 'opponents' are far less likely to be armed and able to fight back, the more frightened people become as they slowly realize that yes, it can happen 'here' and it can happen to you, the more likely they are to hunker down and shut up or to join the 'winning' side.
  12. Fisher1949

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    I wouldn't counted on the "not armed" part. Most gun owners have around 10 weapons and most have at least one assault rifle.
  13. Lisa Simeone

    Lisa Simeone Original Member

    Good god. What the (expletive deleted) do they need an assault rifle for??

    I'm not going to get into a whole gun discussion. You guys know I'm not a gun lover, I don't own one, I will never own one, I'm all in favor of gun control and I know you're not, etc. But christ almighty, an assault rifle??
  14. Mike

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    Why not? I have several. A man can't have too many guns. :D
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  15. Caradoc

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    Some people prefer to be armed somewhat on a parity with the people they're expecting to defend themselves against.

    Keep in mind that at one point in time, a "Brown Bess" was an "assault rifle."
  16. N965VJ

    N965VJ Original Member

    Kinda like the FA that was caught with a firearm in IND after she had bypassed security the day before in ATL? :eek:
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  17. barbell

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    Just to add to N965VJ's excellent point, FA's, pilots, and airport workers, in addition to TSA, and most any Delta employee are not screened at ATL. At. All.

    They are either driven directly onto the tarmac by the busload, or access the "secure" areas of the airport through doors that bypass security entirely. entirely. Which is why it's even more important to fondle genitalia and strip search people there.
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  18. rockon

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    I'm not worried because I know TSA hold their employees to the highest standards and they are all trained professionals and they have sooo many layers of security that if any of those unscreened folks do have bad ideas, one of the many TSA layers is sure to catch them.

    And if someone does get through? Well, TSA will just add another layer (for the passenger), and there you go, safe again. :trash:
  19. Mike

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    Seems the poor dear just forgot about his C-4, it was just a little souvenir he brought home from Afghanistan and just plain forgot about when packed his kids stuff in it, yadayadayada ...

    AvWeb (8 Jan 2012): Green Beret "Forgot" Explosives In Bag

    Early onset Alzheimers, perhaps?
  20. barbell

    barbell Coach Coach

    Regardless, it would appear that Fayettville TSA missed C-4, the one thing that TSA tells us is the greatest threat to aviation security.

    This incident, and the cupcake one, is proof positive that TSA's failure rate is at least 50%, to this day.

    Why is TSA incapable of finding explosive and incendiary devices? And why do they fail so miserably at keeping skies safe?

    The above is a rhetorical question, fyi.

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