Fayetteville airport TSA questioned

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Fisher1949, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. RB

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    I understand your statement to be rhetorical but it doesn't take a whole lot of smarts to understand that TSA is looking for the wrong things and TSA proves this everyday.

    I can only conclude that TSA doesn't have a whole lot of smarts spread across the entire agency.
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    "Come on, Man!"
    The c-4 wasn't in the shape of a cupcake. Duh.
  3. Caradoc

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    It does depend on what you think the TSA is looking for vs. what they're really looking for.

    They tell us they're looking for "WEI," but from all appearances they're looking for cash, drugs, and things they can steal confiscate accept the voluntary surrender of.

    If they're really looking for "WEI," they're not doing a very good job.
  4. RB

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  5. Caradoc

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    Well, then - it's a darned good thing the TSA has so many employees who're willing to "take one for the team" and determine whether the cupcake is "delicious," or "dastardly."
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    Um. okay so what I can learn from that blog is that if I had carried the frosting-er...gel-like material in any matter other than a jar or bottle. it's be fine.
    So I can smear more than 3 oz of "frosting" on my lips, face, shirt and pants (but not he hand because of ol' 'swabbing.') I'm good-to-go.
    But the moment it's in a container: Nuh-UH! It becomes a grave, serious, federally prohibited weapon.

    *gasp!* I bow to the masters of logic an their infinite wisdom.
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    Too bad they don't explain to the screeners how binary liquid explosives as a viable threat on a commercial aircraft is pure fantasy. :rolleyes:
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  8. FaustsAccountant

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    Oh and the other lesson from BlobblerBlah's post is:
    Fear the unknown!
  9. barbell

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    It always is.

    I wonder if Mrs. Curtis Burns knows her husband is a wimpering pansy?
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    Unreal. Instead of hoping this story goes away, he keeps it in the public eye by publishing this hilarious, surreal piece of dreck. Can someone really be that stupid??

    (Also, I happen to know he stole the cupcake picture from Consumer Traveler, a website that Charlie Leocha and Chris Elliott co-founded. It's not a Creative Commons License pic. Not a big deal, except that he's sitting on his (expletive deleted) collecting a fat paycheck from Uncle Sam to spew garbage, garbage that dirties all of us who pay that salary, so I don't think it's too much to ask that he find his own damn pictures.)
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    I wonder if this is why Bart like to call people :cupcake:?
  13. Caradoc

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    He wants to confiscate and eat them?
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    Someone needs to measure the actual amount of frosting on this 'not your everyday cupcake' and compare it to the amount of frosting on the average cake that might (allegedly) be allowed through the checkpoint (per Boob's 'Holiday Tips' post), albeit possibly with additional scrutiny if something doesn't, in the screener's judgment, 'look right'.

    It would also be interesting to know the volume of 'liquid' in the average fruit pie.

    Don't suppose all that many people go through the checkpoint with dry fruit pies or unfrosted layer cakes. And what about Twinkies? OMG!

    I'd love to manufacture a piece of cupcake 'frosting' out of something like dried playdough, put it on top of a cupcake, and go through the checkpoint with it. Imagine the look on the TSOs face if they asked me to surrender it, only to find out that the 'frosting' was rock solid.
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    Is anyone else having a problem with posting new threads? I get a title block and blocks for a poll but no area for the content. I've logged out and rebooted but the issue persists.

    I tried to PM Mike but had the same problem there, no area to post the message.
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    No issues here. Sometimes it helps to clear out your browser cache.
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    Of course, in the process he makes the BOS screeners look incompetent or worse and he makes himself look like an idiot for posting a(nother) clearly misleading and dishonest post in "Holiday Tips", where he makes it appear that cakes and pies are generally OK, albeit perhaps subject to additional scrutiny. Nothing mentioned about the amount or consistency of frosting. Since he later makes a 'joke' about fruitcakes (generally unfrosted), it's clear that's not what he meant by cakes.

    Still waiting to hear how TSA lets the screeners at Fayetteville off the hook. You'd think there had been enough time to review the tapes and question the TSOs by now.....
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    Sorry, don't mean to hijack the thread, but I've run into this.

    Let me guess, your using Firefox v9? I ran into the same thing on one pc, but not the other, after checking, I saw the version difference and rolled back to v8 on the one having problems and I was again able to post. I tried researching the problem to see if it was something correctable on my end, but to no avail.
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