FBI continues to hound peace activist Carlos Montes

Discussion in 'Civil Rights & Privacy' started by Lisa Simeone, Feb 3, 2012.

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    The StopFBI documents names the agents who conducted one of the raids. You can download the document (operational plans left behind) >>> here <<<, and I will try to attach a copy to this post.

    These pigs needs to be exposed publicly and ostracized from their communities:
    • FBI Special Agent Richard Thornton, team commander
    • FBI Special Agent John Gainer, team leader
    • FBI Special Agent Dave Walden, entry
    • FBI Special Agent Wayne Kauffmann, entry
    • FBI Special Agent James Somerville, entry
    • FBI Special Agent Pat Rielly, entry
    • FBI Special Agent Dan Harris, rear security
    • FBI Special Agent Jason Hopfer, rear security
    • FBI Special Agent Jean Laplace, perimeter
    • FBI Special Agent Michael Cannizzaro
    • FBI Special Agent Shane Ball, breaching, cut saw
    • FBI Special Agent Larry Wesbey, breaching, ram
    The birth dates for the four targets whose home was ransacked range from 1941-1957. These are mostly grannies who lived through one era of McCarthyism only to wake up in another.
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    Holy cow, Mike, you are thorough! ^
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    I was just reading the stuff at the link you provided. Every time you've posted a link to StopFBI.Net, I've found something interesting to read. :)

    I wasn't able to upload the whole PDF. It's a 10.5MB file, and I suspect the task times out in the background before it's finished. They have it in 6 parts, I'll try to grab those later.

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