Arrested TSA Employee FBI: TSA Airport Screener Douglas Pineda Was Getaway Driver in Bizarre ATM Robbery

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    FBI: TSA Airport Screener Was Getaway Driver in Bizarre ATM Robbery

    A TSA airport screener is accused of helping a burqa-wearing man rob a bank, the Chicago Tribune reports. Investigators said ATM technician Gildardo Lopez Jr. was disguised as a woman as he went inside an ATM vestibule and emerged 15 minutes later with $168,174 in cash, the FBI alleges. Outside in a getaway car was driver Douglas Pineda, a TSA screener. Authorities said the 31-year-old men are roommates.

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    ATM tech wearing burqa disguise arrested leaving bank with suitcase of cash

    The late-night scene outside the bank in west suburban LaGrange unfolded like a bad Hollywood script, complete with a burqa-wearing bank robber, a suitcase full of cash, a getaway driver and an alleged plot to escape to a tropical island with the spoils, authorities say. But according to federal charges unveiled in Chicago, this was no movie. As FBI agents watched in the early morning hours Thursday, ATM technician Gildardo Lopez Jr. walked up to the Chase bank branch at 14 S. LaGrange Rd. disguised as a woman with a black burqa over his face, a walkie-talkie connected to ear ...

    Authorities also arrested alleged getaway driver Douglas Pineda, a Transportation Security Administration airport screener who was sitting in a Toyota Sienna minivan parked a block from the bank. Officers found a walkie-talkie with ear buds attached on the front seat, the charges alleged. When asked what he was doing there, Pineda replied he was waiting for his friend “Gil” and then pointed him out as the person authorities had just arrested, according to the charges.

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