FDA Says They Own Your (expletive deleted)

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    except it's not new. See Wickard v Filburn, the Supreme Court case back in 1942 that said the US gov't could regulate you growing wheat on your own farm for your own use because this would mean you wouldn't buy wheat from out of state sources. See also the FDA's consistent invocation of interstate commerce to control medical treatments they didn't like or which big pharma didn't like (per the book Galileo's Lawyer by Richard Jaffe, who successfully battled the FDA on a number of these cases).
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    In law school we always referred to Wickard v. Filburn and the 'personal use wheat' case. ;)
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    My mistake for not adding a :rolleyes:. I was being sarcastic.
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    As noted by the author, the FDA revealed that their motive is an intent to protect FDA approved drugs from competition.

    It appears that the FDA is also trying to protect FDA approved milk from competition. They are not just trying to prevent people from buying "raw" milk, but also trying to prevent milk producers from marketing milk produced through safer, cleaner, healthier animal husbandry - pastuerized or not.

    There appears to be a general effort on the behalf of the FDA to prevent to general public from becoming aware of safer, healthier food and drugs than what the FDA considers "good enough" for citizen-serfs.

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