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Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by TexasPatriot, Dec 11, 2011.

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    I know, a very old event, but still noteworthy. Just found the site here to relay this story. I was flying back home the evening of February 28, 2011 from Phoenix Sky Harbor after a long weekend of Spring Training (baseball).

    I went through TSA rope-a-dope on both ends without incident and in record time, without so much as an ill question or glare. (I was shocked.) No "pron scanners" or anything where I went through. Literally 90 seconds after entry, I was already putting my shoes back on.

    Went down the hall and sat in some comfortable chairs down the concourse where another TSA area discharged its people into the "secure" (if there is such a word) area in the airport. Here a "pron" scanner was in operation and being used. I sat here about 40 minutes. One after another I watched the festivities. In total EIGHT different women were scanned, in all of their glory. Every one of them was between the ages of 20-40, not overweight, most of "voluptuous" figure (to say they were large breasted in a nice way). There was a male screener selecting who would get scanned. I thought, what are the odds of this occurring naturally --- no men, no older women, no "smaller" women. (This was before the "blocky figures" the screeners on the video end see.) I also remembered these machines were reported to have a diagnostic mode where a USB port was active...

    Put two and two together....It's not hard to imagine what they were doing.

    Report it? They bald faced lie to the public every day.

    We, the public DO notice these things.
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    Thank you for that very astute observation, TexasPatriot. And a hearty welcome to you from a fellow Texan! I have always suspected the nerfie-pervs of having a purient interest even though they swear up and down that it's "all for your safety and security!" Yea, right! v:rolleyes:
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    TexasPatriot, thank you for posting this. I'll add it to the Master List, which, if you haven't taken a look at yet, please do. Unpleasant but necessary.

    I'll only note here that it sounds like, from your account, every woman who was selected to be scanned acquiesced. Didn't object, didn't put up a fight, didn't even ask a question. Even after they'd already obviously passed through airport security earlier! I know, I know, we all know, the threat of DYWTFT ("Do you want to fly today?") would've been used.

    But the fact that nobody put up a fight is why this is going on in the first place. Sheep to the slaughter.
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    Thank you for your observation, Texan.
    Yes, they do. What are the women going to do? Choose an opt-out that does not exist? To outside the airport?
    The blame belongs with the personnel and the system put in place by their leadership, the money made off the machines and this abuse paid for by the American public.

    We should not blame the sheep for the slaughterhouse.
    These are abuses being done by government employees, not by the women singled out for naked imaging only because these creeps wanted a better look underneath their clothes. Sick!
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    There was a similar report from Africa where the peep show booth was not remote from the checkpoint -- the POD (pervert on duty) would step out to take a gander at the women he was seeing naked on the scanner.

    Also don't forget the "heads up, got a cutie for you" report from the pilot going through security at DEN with his teenage daughter just ahead of him in the line.
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    Many people here at TUG have said that this abuse was tried back in 2004. But people fought back. So the gropes were shelved.

    Until 2010, when people showed they wouldn't fight back.

    I'm not blaming every person who gets stuck in this position. But without resistance, nothing will ever change. That's the case for all oppression, all injustice, at all times, in all places, throughout history.

    There are many ways to resist. There are many ways to object. There are small acts of resistance as well as large ones. And if people don't engage in them, conditions will only get worse.

    To quote a different Douglass statement (from the one I usually quote): "Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never has and it never will."

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