Federal cuts slow travel at MSP International Airport

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    Lots of fear mongering by threatening to reduce security/safety related personnel (TSA, CBP, FAA) ...

    According to the Washington Post federal spending has increased 5.2% annually since the Obamanation took office, while the rate of inflation has averaged only 1.5%). Even with the 2.4% "sequestration" cuts they are still increasing spending faster than the inflation rate, yet they claim that they can't continue to provide the security & safety services needed for air travel?

    Star Tribune: Federal cuts slow travel at MSP International Airport

    Cuts in overtime for transportation safety officers caused some 200 people to miss flights recently and forced the closure of some airport checkpoints.

    The Federal Aviation Administration has told air traffic controllers to expect a 10 percent cut in hours starting this month. A reduced workforce of controllers may delay planes by 30 minutes to ensure safety.

    The expected controller cutbacks at the MSP tower, radar room and at the regional air traffic control center in Farmington are likely to be magnified by budget cuts at even larger airports like O’Hare in Chicago.

    “We’re going to see some significant delays in and out of Minneapolis,” said Sam Tomlin, a veteran controller at the MSP tower.


    At MSP, furloughs will begin April 21. “We’ve just started scheduling the controllers at MSP for their furlough days,” Tomlin said, adding the 33 controllers will lose a day every 80-hour pay period.
    The reduced staffing could mean a reduction from 9 or 11 controllers on day and evening shifts to perhaps 7, he said.


    FAA administrator Michael Huerta told the American Bar Association in late February that delays at major airports “will ripple across the country.” “Flights to major cities like New York, Chicago and San Francisco could experience delays in some instances of up to 90 minutes during peak hours, because we will have fewer controllers on staff,” Huerta said.


    When weather is ideal, the airport uses three runways to land perhaps 90 planes an hour. Mathieu said the furloughs and a lack of overtime could shut down one of those runways on good days and reduce hourly landings by one third — similar to bad weather conditions.


    The possible closure of a new tower at O’Hare in Chicago could trigger 30-minute delays throughout the Midwest, said Farmington controller Mike Thompson. “If you’re trying to get to Chicago and you’re in Duluth, you might sit on the ground for quite some time,” Thompson said.


    At international airports like MSP, wait times to clear Customs might increase by 50 percent, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol said last month. It has postponed plans for furloughs while assessing its budget.

    The Transportation Security Administration has warned that peak-period wait times of 30 to 40 minutes could eventually double at large airports like MSP “as reductions to overtime and the inability to backfill positions for attrition begin to occur.”


    Travelers felt the effects the weekend of March 23-24. “The airport was particularly busy due to spring break travel, and the TSA had eliminated overtime use,” Hogan said. “Lines were much longer than usual, causing more than 200 people at MSP to miss flights.” Since then the agency restored use of some overtime pay, “which has alleviated the problem for now.”
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    I bet they still have SPOTniks strolling around, which means they're still overstaffed. What a waste of skin that program and its useless "staff" represent..,
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    So TSA relies on expensive overtime for daily scheduling instead of properly setting manpower neeeds. Being TSA it figures.
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    Has there ever been a situation where the TSA has actually exhibited overall competence at anything more than hiring idiots and thugs to pretend they're being useful?
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    The official rate of inflation. It is surprising how many people do not connect the dots when so many things have increased in price over and above the "official" inflation rate.
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    Both the official inflation rate and the official unemployment rate are figures of pure fantasy created by a combination of deliberate ignorance and wishful thinking.
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    While in some situations that may be the case, at larger airports (such as LAX) there is a turnover margin that cant necessarily be met with regular training classes and new hires. While it is not a constant situation, sometimes there is a net loss in attrition versus replacement, and in those cases, common sense would indicate that they use overtime to make up the shortfall. I am not saying that there are not staffing issues, because there evidently are based on the stuff I have read in some of the DC area rags and mags. I am merely indicating that there are times where OT is a requirement to meet certain staffing needs.
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    Why wouldn't there be?

    Who in their right mind would want to perform the disgusting barbaric duties of a TSA clerk?
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