Fight night in the pickup lane at FLL after Omolola Modupeola Dawodu refuses to move car

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    Fight night in the pickup lane at FLL ...

    How many big, strong Broward County deputies does it take to handle one mad broad from Maryland? Apparently the right answer is "six".

    Omolola Modupeola Dawodu.jpg
    Omolola Modupeola Dawodu​

    NBC News: Deputy Hospitalized After Woman Refuses to Move Car at Fort Lauderdale Airport, Scuffles With Cops: BSO -- Woman arrested after argument over parked car at airport turns violent: BSO (Sept 16 2013)

    The deputy tried to take Dawodu into custody, but the Maryland woman, who is listed at 5-foot-4 and 230 pounds, resisted and a brief struggle ensued, the report said. Dawodu and the deputy fell to the ground as a second deputy came to assist, the report said.

    After a prolonged struggle, the deputies were able to take Dawodu into custody, the report said. One deputy had to be taken to a nearby hospital with a possible dislocated right shoulder. The other deputy was treated at the scene for a laceration to their finger.

    When deputies searched Dawodu's purse, they found a plastic baggie containing marijuana and two joints, the report said.

    For future reference, Ms. Dawodu, it's probably not a good idea to push cops around when there are six of them and you have dope in your purse.

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