Arrested TSA Employee Five Arrested in Federal Drug Bust

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by RB, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. RB

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  2. Elizabeth Conley

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    Whoa! Again?

    I guess I should say "Still?" This has been going on all over the nation for a long time. Meth is bad stuff, but very hard to curtail.
  3. RB

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    I know that drugs of this type are bad but the real concern should be just how easy it is to exploit weaknesses in TSA's airport security. Work for an airport/airline and all of a sudden there is no security.
  4. barbell

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    It has been said a million times, and bears repeating:

    If clerks and airline employees can be bought off to put drugs on a plane, bypassing security entirely, what is to keep someone from using large amounts of cash to transport "drugs"? And by "drugs" I mean bombs.

    This story proves, once again, that in spite of the fact that Pistole's Perverts have a fascination with genitalia, TSA makes air travel less safe.

    On a personal aside, I could give a rip that people are transporting drugs. Now meth, I agree, is nasty, nasty stuff. Drugs of any kind are no danger whatsoever to airline security unless they are in one of the pilots' system. Period. End of discussion.
  5. Mike

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    According to the article 14 of this gang have been arrested since June. How many & which ones are TSA?
  6. barbell

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    And how many more still to come?
  7. Fisher1949

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    So apparently there are 21 layers of subversion.

    This makes 4 this week., eleven for the year so LE will have to get busy busting these creeps if they're going to beat the 72 they nailed in 2011.
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  8. nachtnebel

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    They have to train replacements before they jail the others.
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  9. Mike

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    Different article (prev. links were both for the same Star-Advertiser article) ...

    Hawaii News Now: Delta Air Lines and TSA workers involved in drug ring investigation shows

    Which leaves open the possibility that TSA agents on the the mainland were involved, but at this point no specific "officers" have been named.


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