FL couple says TSA search went too far

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Fisher1949, Jul 12, 2011.

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    I just heard literally 5 minutes ago that my nephew decided not to go to a national disability conference he's attended every year since he was 2 years old (this would have been his 20th year attending) He has OSI III and is wheelchair bound, OSI III is also known more commonly as accute brittle bone disease.

    He feels he cannot go through security, the slightest error or rough handling by a TSO could easily break his bones and when that happens, he ends up in the hospital for days (sometimes months). He also has metal rods in most of his bones, so moving around under command is really not an option. If he was asked to lift himself up so they could search under him, he couldn't do it without a great deal of risk. His whole body is like a burlap bag full of wine glasses.

    I'm so sorry he's not able to go to his 20th anniversary with a group he feels very close to.

    It's wrong what they do to all of us, but it's doubly wrong what they're doing to the disabled, elderly and young.
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    The above says everything anyone needs to know about TSA screening. TSA doesn't care what we think or what we want. TSA knows everything and how dare us mere citizens to challenge TSA's judgement.
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    We should TUG them in. :)
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    I've got an address for them, if anyone would care to write and give them support, as well as inviting them to TUG.

    ETA: I did send them a letter of support and invited them to visit us here.
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    This is obnoxious.

    I keep urging a woman I know in San Diego not to take her fiance, a beloved friend of mind felled by a stroke and unable to speak, on a trip to Texas. She has no idea what's going on at airports. She hasn't flown in years because she's been busy taking care of him and fighting for him (whole 'nother story).

    When the (expletive deleted) hit the fan last November (and yes, I know many of us were warning about it long before), people started saying, 'surely this country won't put up with this, at the very least they won't allow their children to be scanned or groped, that's what'll make this all go away, they'll see the insanity of allowing this to be done to children.' I demurred. It sounded like a great argument, an unassailable argument. But I knew people would slowly be conditioned. That was almost a year ago. And look where we are. The abuse is only getting worse, the abusers more emboldened, the bureaucratic double-speak more Orwellian. And the sheeple more clueless.
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