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    So I talked to my friend this afternoon. I've suggested that she file a formal complaint both with the TSA, and with our governmental representatives. She's terrified of being placed on some kind of list, and targeted for reprisals or even not allowed to fly. She has to travel for her job - many of her clients are out of state, and she needs to make periodic visits, plus she sometimes has to travel to meet with potential new clients.

    I doubt I'll be able to get her to file anything with the TSA directly, but she seemed a bit warmer to the idea of reporting it to government officials. That is...until she started looking into what our particular congresscritters actually say about the TSA...and she came across this:


    Clearly our own Senator Dianne Feinstein doesn't think this is a very big deal. Anyway, I'll continue to try to persuade her but I'm not very hopeful. She told me that she'd never felt so powerless in her entire life, and she remains afraid. Sad, isn't it? There's just no words. :(
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    The stakes & especially poles might present a bit of a problem. You could skewer someobody with them.
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    Thanks for sharing that story. This shows people what kind of monsters we have beneath that veneer. Rugape, we know you are lurking, does this make you proud? Are you proud to belong to an outfit that does this to people, that are in a position of power where this can happen with impunity? What monsters you have all become, what enemies.

    May both the clerkette of this story and her miserable boss meet with justice. This was a sexual assault.
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    There are discussions afoot.

    But as I've said before, things are going to have to get worse -- a lot worse -- before they get better. The country is not at the point of mass civil disobedience yet in regard to this abuse. We could easily, easily take the whole criminal enterprise down if more people were willing, but they're not. The civil rights movement didn't happen overnight either. We're kind of at the moment where that movement was in the late '50s early '60s. It took years before any progress was made. I wish I were more optimistic, cause god knows I'd like to travel again, but I'm not. The signs simply aren't there.
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    And this is a perfect example: we have someone who was clearly violated, and yet is too terrified of reprisals to speak up, other than anonymously! My own mother felt the same way after her assault. The dreaded "Do Not Fly" list has more power than any of us realize. Right now, from my perspective, the criminals have won...most of America either doesn't believe it's happening or doesn't give a sh*t, and the rest, who DO know it's happening, are too afraid to do anything about it.
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  6. Sunny Goth

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    Dianne Feinstein has long been a law and order type - she's almost unreachable on that topic. But you know -- your friend may have more luck with a few of the republicans (I hate to say that). But even with Dianne Feinstein - phrasing it as a health issue may help.
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    She needs to get groped. That's the only way she'll change her mind. Just like McCaskill did.
  8. TravelnMedic

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    which will never happen because she uses government jets when she travels so bypasses Team Sexual Assault.
  9. Regarding this feared No-Fly List, is the fear that they are gathering names to eventually ban from flying? Because right now, people who have caused trouble are still flying. Jon Corbett can still fly, Yukari Mihamae still flew after her debacle. Tom Sawyer kept flying after making news with his botched patdown, and mybodyismyown rescheduled her flight out of another airport. I wouldn't put it past the TSA to be assembling a list, but they apparently aren't using it. I think the list is generally an urban legend, and I hope people start to realize this.
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  10. LeeAnne

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    I totally agree with you that it's an urban legend. I've heard of so many people who've caused "trouble" (so to speak) at TSA checkpoints, had their information taken down, and nothing ever happened - they weren't treated to anything different the next time they flew. I told my friend this, but she just doesn't understand the difference between the "Do Not Fly" list and this mythical "Caused Trouble at a Checkpoint" list.

    Think about it from her perspective: she was terrorized, abused and sexually assaulted. She doesn't EVER want to go through that again...yet she has to fly to make a living. She will do ANYTHING to avoid ever having to experience that again, so she won't risk speaking up, on the off chance that her name will be placed on some kind of "list" and she'll be abused every time she flies. So...another voice lost to the fear. :(
  11. I do think it's reasonable to fear retaliation by particular screeners. Stacy Armato's case demonstrates that this is a reality. But I think those people are remembered visually, not by name.
  12. Lisa Simeone

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    I think the TSA is too incompetent to keep a list. I'd say the same for the whole national security apparatus -- there are so many different, competing "intelligence" agencies now, all with their own agendas and mountains of data they can't adequately sift through. Look what happened on 9/11 -- lots of those names were on lists or a list, and it didn't matter. Now that the National Security State has metastasized, I'm sure the lists are even more of a mess. People who shouldn't be on them, and vice-versa.
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  13. Caradoc

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    And even if the list exists, it doesn't mean anyone's doing anything useful with it. Look at the failure of the TSA "Alien Flight Student" program:


    The TSA can't even hire contractors to do their work correctly for them. They're that incompetent.
  14. Lisa Simeone

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    Ah, but there's money in incompetence!
  15. KrazyKat

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    This is the most disgusting account I have read. My huge sympathies to your friend, LeeAnne.

    1) File an assault complaint with the airport police, requesting the duty records for that shift and location.
    2) Request the video. Now, before it disappears. It's the only evidence, coupled with a positive ID.
    No, I'm a law & order type. Forget fascist DiFi. This isn't law and it isn't order.

    How about a video of doctors making an assessment of this? The account could be a story-board, like Lisa showed, with the story written out--someone else could read it. Have THAT go viral.
    The TSA goon squad has got to be stopped.
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