FLL Airport: TSA Told Us to Lie About Existence of Security Video!

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Affection, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. Affection

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    Broward made their first legal filing in my latest case today, which was ill-advised for many reasons, but probably foremost on that list is they admitted they lied, at the TSA's direction, about the existence of checkpoint video in an FOIA response to me (presumably because they think the law allows them to [it doesn't]). They really should have left the motion to dismiss to the legal team at the DoJ, rather than trying to file their own with in-house counsel.



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  2. Caradoc

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    Their in-house counsel's Google-(expletive deleted) is weak.
  3. nachtnebel

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    The trouble with lies is its hard to keep track of what story you told to whom.
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  4. RB

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    I suspect that TSA cannot tell a local government agency what property of that local agency is SSI. Nor do I think TSA has the authority to detain a person, even briefly, as claimed by the writer of the Motion to Dismiss.

    I don't know about some of the other legal points but seems collusion was certainly afoot between airport police and TSA.
  5. FetePerfection

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    This is indeed good news...TSA is imploding on itself and we're here to witness it.
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  6. Affection

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  7. Caradoc

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    I just hope we're standing outside the splash radius. I'd hate to get any of their stupid on me.
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  9. Fisher1949

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    Is there a specific penalty for FLL to withhold information or is it limited to civil actions?
  10. jtodd

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    Flucking TSA! What a despicable, anti-American, pro dictator group of retards. This was the subject of my last email of the day to the Senators Roberts and Moran and Rep. Yoder. These douche-bags don't get it, yet! This marks 3 emails today alone.

    Tomorrow morning I'll have to let them know about O'Reilly's stance on the matter now that he is telling the TSA enough is enough. The Republican members from Kansas really like their lobbying money, but the news that one of their large supporters, FOX news, is having issues with the TSA will be important to them as well.

    Oh, and a big thanks to you Jon! I wish I could provide more to the cause than totally abstaining from air travel and being a thorn in the sides of used car salesmen, or politicians, whatever they are, and sorry for insulting car salesman, I've only every bought used.
  11. Affection

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    There's a penalty to the individuals resposible under Fla. Stat. 119.10, which can even provide jail time if done knowingly.

  12. FaustsAccountant

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    that would be a refreshing difference from the standard "retraining."
  13. Elizabeth Conley

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    The best result would be for local and state police and prosecutors to think exactly the same way. The TSA leadership is stupid and dishonest. That stuff does indeed rub off.

    The TSA doesn't have a few bad apples, the TSA is a bad apple. The sooner the TSA is segregated and eliminated, the more effectively the integrity of other government entities can be preserved.

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