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  1. RB

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    Left out of FLL this afternoon. My flight had a full contingent of TSA show up to screen at the gate. I counted 7 or so uniformed TSA employees and one TSA suit who I assume was a TSM, and a LEO.

    One fellow in front of me got the full monty. I suspect his appearance may have played a role. Full heavy beard, some form of headgear but not a form I know the name of. They had him pulling his shirt up, full extensive pat down. Others just in front of me got pulled aside also. One TSA employee was asking our final stop but I was looking away and acted as if I didn't hear him. Spouse and I slipped by the gauntlet.
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  2. Doober

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    Sounds like profiling to me.
  3. RB

    RB Founding Member

    My take on what was going on.
  4. Lisa Simeone

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    So this was at the gate? Long after you'd already passed through the checkpoint, right?
  5. RB

    RB Founding Member

    Yes this was at the gate. I was sitting off to the side of the waiting area and noticed the TSA screeners arriving. Then more, the Suit, the cop. They drifted from one side of the gate to the other but for anyone who is observant what was coming was very clear. My flight arrived about a half hour late so the TSA showed themselves a bit early. I don't know if it was the guy I mentioned earlier but he was medium dark complected, full black beard, and some type of headgear that I'm not familiar with. They got him and I saw him lifting his shirt, pulling his waistband out and so forth. He was not the only one getting pulled out of line. As stated earlier I think their was 7 TSA screener types and the TSA TSM? (suit) with a mix of men and women.
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  6. Cartoon Peril

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    Could you hide in the bathroom or something?
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  7. Mike

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    I very recently read of a screener following someone into a bathroom.
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  8. BillForster

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    Well there's water in there and we all know how dangerous that is!
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  9. DeafBlonde

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  10. FriendlySkies

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    A LEO? Hmm, I bet TSA is starting to feel the pressure, and realize that people won't bow and scrape for them anymore...
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  11. Lisa Simeone

    Lisa Simeone Original Member

    I'll believe it when I see it.
  12. Doober

    Doober Original Member

    I believe they are feeling the pressure but no one at DHS/TSA wants to admit it or to work to mitigate it in a feasible manner. I also try to believe that they will keep pressing and pressing passengers with even more abuses until it finally crashes down upon them.

    How long will it take? I don't know but I am confident that it will happen.
  13. FriendlySkies

    FriendlySkies Member

    That the million dollar question.. How long will Americans allow themselves to be abused by the government?
  14. Lisa Simeone

    Lisa Simeone Original Member

    It is indeed the million-dollar question. So far, signs aren't good.
  15. Fisher1949

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    On a related note I have been following airline stocks since December (dumped all of my travel stocks in January) wondering what if any efefct TSA would have on air travel. While many factors are in play here, fuel costs, tight economy and competitive pressure the airlines have been hammered in that period while the Dow climbed.

    Airline Symbol 12/1/2010 7/30/2011 Gain/Loss % Change
    American Ailines AMR 8.63 4.24 (4.39) -51%
    JetBlue JBLU 6.96 4.79 (2.17) -31%
    US Airways LCC 11.26 6.24 (5.02) -45%
    United Continental UAL 28.37 18.12 (10.25) -36%
    Southwest Airlines LUV 13.42 9.96 (3.46) -26%
    Delta Air Lines DAL 13.88 7.89 (5.99) -43%
    DJI - 11,255 12,240 985.00 9%

    The airlines could be instrumental in getting this changed if they believed that TSA procedure were depressing revenues. Otherwise it will be a long battle since many passengers are only once a year flyers and oblivious to what is happening. The few that do have a bad experience attribute to their inexperience and assume that they did something wrong.

    Personally I began reducing travel in 2008 simply because the pre-flight portion was becoming too onerous. There were schedules where it was necessary to arrive as much as three hours early to avoid a last minute panic. With a multi-city itinerary the check-in times could total 10 hours in a week. I had co-workers who were cutting back for the same pragmatic reason, it was just becoming too inefficient.

    I suspect that the airlines lost a number of their core business travelers but were able to fill the seats with vacation fares while the economy was good. Come 2011 the economy is anemic and now the cracks are showing, the high profit fares are fewer and more seats need to be filled just to break even. Routes that are marginal are being eliminated and no one is interested in filling the void.

    TSA is probably feeling a lot of pressure as evidenced by their feeble attempts to introduce changes aimed at currying public favor. They have pushed the schedule up for the cartoon screening on the L3 MMW scanners, they're now trying the sell the BDO program as an alternative Israeli style system with fewer gropings and tried the puppy program ad campaign to add a "warm fuzzy" to the cold hand of security. I know these are laughable to those of us here but nonetheless a reaction to some external factor. I imagine Pistole is not a happy camper when Rand Paul or Jason Chaffetz berate and humiliate him and his agency on camera in those hearings, so there is probably even some pressure coming from him.
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  16. Lisa Simeone

    Lisa Simeone Original Member

    I don't think Pistole gives a flying f--- about being berated in hearings, and I certainly don't believe he feels humiliated. On the contrary, his arrogance is on abundant display. He's right, everyone else is wrong, and he's going to shove down our throats (and up our a*ses) whatever he wants.
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  17. CelticWhisper

    CelticWhisper Founding Member

    I'm just waiting for Paul or Chaffetz or Issa or someone to get him when he says "We know children have been used as suicide bombers in (Saudi Arabia, Iran, Israel, etc.) so we have to do this." They need to respond with "Too bad, this isn't Saudi Arabia, this is America, and no we don't need to do this and you won't do this."

    I'm really kinda surprised they haven't slapped that argument down. "Well my best friend's sister's boyfriend's cousin's girlfriend said that her best friend said that she saw Ferris pass out-- I mean, saw a child used as a suicide bomber at 31 flavors last night! THAT MEANS IT'S EVERYWHERE!" So blatantly fallacious it hurts.
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  18. Lisa Simeone

    Lisa Simeone Original Member

    CelticWhisper, Pistole has already made that argument, several times. Including in Congressional hearings. You see it made all the time on discussion forums, blogs, newspapers. It's constant.

    Nothing is too outlandish for these people. (expletive deleted), that inveterate TSA apologists "vestevens" who writes at The Tennessean has lately been harping not on the cockpit doors, which she knows have been reinforced, but on the walls surrounding the cockpit doors! You can't make this (expletive deleted) up.
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  19. CelticWhisper

    CelticWhisper Founding Member


    Oh, I know - I saw the Rand Paul session where Pissy claimed that they were justified because kids have been used elsewhere. I'm just surprised nobody in Congress has come back with "Well this isn't elsewhere and we do things different here in the USA. Here's a copy of the Constitution. Go home and read it, it'll be on the test. ALL OF IT."
  20. Doober

    Doober Original Member

    And yet Pissy is saying that perhaps kids will not be patted down and might even be able to leave their shoes on.........

    Which is it, Pissy: are kids a threat or not?
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