Florida cop beats 66-year-old man with dementia

Discussion in 'Civil Rights & Privacy' started by Lisa Simeone, Jan 17, 2012.

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    From legal scholar Jonathan Turley's blog comes this story, which happened in Melbourne, Florida: Cop kicks in the stomach, then beats a 66-year-old man with dementia; then another cop comes over and, while the man is down on the ground being pummeled by the first cop, Tasers the man in the face.

    The man ended up in the hospital for a month.

    The cop tried to obliterate this video. It survived anyway. The cop got off with -- get this -- a written reprimand. His buddy cop got nothing. AND the 66-year-old victim got charged with battery.

    This is America. This is what goes on every day. (But whatever you do, don't use the term "police state"!)

    Officer Derek Middendorf. Victim Albert Flowers.

    Watch the video at the link. It's brief.

    Florida Police Officer Turns Off Dash Camera and Audiotape, Beats Man With Dementia, and Receives Only A Written Reprimand
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    From the original story on WFTV:

    ... but apparently he wasn't so fast & aggressive that the officer didn't have time first to eliminate some possible evidence before he hopped out of his squad car & beat the guy:

    I've been saying off & on for 15 years that private citizens need to be able under judicial supervision to pursue criminal charges in the federal courts.
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    I dont know about this idiots dept, but locally turning off your video and voice recorder is grounds for termination, and if anything happens while its off the officer is liable and will not be defended by the dept.

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