Food Consumer: Refuse to Use This Machine - It May Spare You a Cancer Diagnosis

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    Food Consumer: Refuse to Use This Machine - It May Spare You a Cancer Diagnosis

    The U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) first began using advanced imaging technology in airports nationwide in 2007. But just how "tested," and how safe, are the TSA's backscatter machines?

    The TSA and Department of Homeland Security will tell you they've been extensively tested and that these machines are very safe. But if that's true, why did both houses of Congress file bills this year demanding that the TSA and DHS produce proof of their safety claims with an independent laboratory study?


    Rouge Federal Agency Refuses to Comply with the Law

    On July 18, The Washington Times ran an editorial about the TSA's defiance of the courts. Remember, it's been over a year since the D.C. Circuit court ruled the TSA had to "promptly" comply with the Administrative Procedure Act, which requires public hearings and a 90-day public comment period. In a November 9, 2011 affidavit, TSA acting general manager James Clarkson responded that "While TSA has prioritized the rulemaking directed by the Opinion, TSA has many important rulemakings in progress, many of them required by statute," essentially telling the court and the rest of us that they're too busy to address it.


    The Security Implications of Nude Body Scanners

    On March 6, 2012 engineer Jonathan Corbett posted a video on YouTube, demonstrating how easily the "nude body scanners" can be defeated, and why these machines actually make air travel LESS safe, if we're actually worried about terrorists boarding planes with guns and other lethal objects on their person.
    Furthermore, as explained by Miles O'Brien in the video in the next section below, these machines are also unlikely to detect certain explosives, and likely would NOT have caught the infamous "underwear bomber" – the case that presaged the rapid release of these backscatter scanners in the first place.

    The Health Implications of Backscatter X-Ray Machines

    So, getting back to the health implications of the backscatter scanners. As explained in the following video, the machines work by emitting a narrow beam of high-intensity (ionizing) radiation, which quickly moves across your body in a sweeping, rotating motion. One of the worries with the technology is the potential for mechanical malfunctions, which could result in the high-intensity beam stopping in one location and resulting in over-exposure.



    This is a good review of the current state of Nude-O-Scopy.
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    Call me nit-picky, but I have a hard time with any logical/scientific assertions made by someone who doesn't differentiate "rogue" and "rouge."
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    Seems DHS has a lock on Porn, in its employees and equipment. Nappy's Porn-O-Vision machines should be avoided by all travelers.
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    You beat me to that one, although mine had a reference to spellcheck before publication.
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    CDO, because OCD isn't alphabetized correctly.:)

    We all do that stuff. It is distracting, but also very human.

    Rouge=Red. Maybe the author is implying the TSA is run by Commies!
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    Spell-checking won't catch words that are misused but not misspelled.
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    Also true, as is what Elizabeth says, we all make mistakes while typing from time to time.
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    What's the word from TSA employees who have to stand around active Backscatter Scanners for hours each shift? Any noise?
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    I have not heard much on it, some Union reps have complained, and there have been some public complaints in the smaller news circles, but I have not hear anything other than that. We have MMW here at GSO, so we don't have them, and I am not really exposed to a lot of folks that work with them.

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