Former Def Sec Rumsfeld patted down, or Chickens Come Home to Roost

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Lisa Simeone, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. Lisa Simeone

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    Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld patted down by TSA

    By Keith Laing - 07/14/11 12:29 PM ET
    But you know they didn't grope him like they do the rest of us hoi polloi. They recognized him and gave him, I'm sure, a perfunctory pat-down.
    (Apologies if somebody already posted this elsewhere; I only just saw the story.)
  2. barbell

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    The cynic in me says this was staged:

    Excellent comment left on The Hill BTW, Lisa...
  3. Lisa Simeone

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    barbell, yeah, the thought had occurred to me that it was all a big show. I don't know.
  4. Fisher1949

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    Just demonstrates the utter stupidity of TSA. Wasting time delaying a two-time Secretary of Defense just to give a police reject a job.
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  5. Lisa Simeone

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    Fisher1949, they want to keep up the charade of "everyone is treated equally" -- meaning, "we can abuse everyone with impunity, even people we know for a fact aren't a threat because we recognize them -- movie stars, flight attendants, high-level muckety-mucks." (Not that Rumsfeld was abused. More's the pity.)

    By the way, I talked to two FBI agents at a panel discussion at UDC Law School back in April. It was convened to discuss the warrantless searches on the DC Metro. The agent on the panel (former agent; he's retired now) was James Wedick, and his wife, an active FBI agent, was in the audience. Come to think of it, I need to add their story to my Master List. They were harassed by the TSA flying from California. The problem? One of the brainiacs questioned Mrs. Wedick's ID badge, because its laminated edges were deemed "too sharp." "Could be used as a weapon."

    I kid you not. Then they took her entire bag apart and questioned her. She was fuming, standing in line being harassed by these morons, while her husband, already through security, was giving her meaningful looks, like "don't say anything, just get through it."

    FBI agents! As I've said before, law enforcement hates the TSA even more than I do, if that's possible.

    Here's the link from that panel discussion:

    And here's James Wedick's website:
  6. mozgytog

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    My Comment:


    If it's a federal crime of assault for a TSA employee to do a full, enhanced pat-down on the President, current or former, then it's assault every time one is done to any other person.
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