Former Edison police officer Alex Glinsky accused of racism landed TSA job at Newark airport

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    He spat out epithets for African-Americans, Hispanics and Asian Indians, fellow officers said. He called women "whores" and said a pregnant officer's baby "should be killed," the colleagues said.
    The combustible allegations are contained in statements — obtained by The Star-Ledger — that Edison police officers made to an internal affairs investigator about their controversial sergeant, Alex Glinsky.

    Glinsky, 49, retired last year after pleading guilty to unrelated departmental charges.
    But he recently landed a job that again put him in uniform and in close contact with the public: screening passengers at Newark Liberty International Airport, one of several airports where the Transportation Security Administration documented cases of racial profiling in a report last year.

    The Star-Ledger, which revealed some of the claims against Glinsky in a two-part series on the Edison Police Department earlier this month, confirmed his employment with the TSA last week. Days after the inquiry, Glinsky and the federal agency parted ways.

    TSA spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein declined to say whether Glinsky resigned or was fired. Farbstein would say only that Glinsky, a part-time screener at a security checkpoint, no longer worked for the agency.
    She said TSA policy prohibited her from releasing Glinsky’s salary or hire date. A request placed through the Freedom of Information Act is pending.
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    Perhaps there's hope for TSA yet.
  3. Mike

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    They only get rid of this trash after their faces are rubbed in it.

    It sounds as though TSA does not do investigative background checks but merely sends out for criminal records searches, which allows people like this to slip in. This guy was only "tried" in internal affairs hearings withing the Edison PD. There was no paper trail outside the PD that would be picked up in a simple criminal records check.

    Likewise the ex Miami cop that TSA recently canned had his conviction expunged. If they'd asked around, they likely would have learned that his departure from the Miami PD was on less than honorable terms.

    Even simple Google searches might have raised questions in both cases.
  4. RB

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    I haven't seen anything that said TSA fired or seperated the Miami cop. Any reference?
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    And the last I heard the priest who likes to hump veal is still working at Philadelphia International.
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    I don't know where to start in quoting this article, it's all so juicy.

    Somehow or another this didn't copy and past the first time:

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    ouch. not a great hire in the anals [sic] of the TSA....
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    Got to retire. Retirement should be forfeited when found to be in violation of department regulations.

    Those TSA background checks must be pretty vigorous, eh? One bad seed after another. No wonder the TSA tree is rotten at the roots.

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