Former SWATzi gives us two middle fingers

Discussion in 'What's On Your Mind?' started by Frank, Jun 22, 2012.

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    Bad example on his part, very bad:

    Koresh & crew killed 4 ATF scum at Waco and would have killed more if he had not voluntarily desisted and allowed them to withdraw. Thinking that he would be able to discussing with the authorities as a big miscalculation that eventually let to another 75 fatalities. He should have just kept shooting.

    Also must remember the North Hollywood shootout in which 11 police & 7 bystanders were wounded. Each of the bank robbers survived > 25 shots to his body armor. After an hour-long running gun battle, one committed suicide after his rifle jammed and the other was wounded and allowed to bleed to death without seeking medical attention.

    It's just a matter of equipment, guts and sometimes a big dosage of stupidity on one side or the other.
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    Eventually the SWATzi themselves will get their middle-finger salutes when either the citizenry will no longer put up with them or the politicians are unable to fund their lawsuits & settlements.
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    This, unfortunately, is true. You know I think it's not justified. But alas, it's true. (Which is why I'm an advocate of non-violent resistance as a tactic, but I'm not going to get into a whole 'nother debate about that again.)
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    And sometimes the bad guys have military training and/or better guns. 16 years ago an ex-military wack job killed two St. Paul police officers in separate incidents on the same day. Basically, he could handle his weapons as well or better than the cops. There are plenty of people capable of taking on cops in a fun fight & winning (personally I'd rather not), and over time a it's inevitable that a few bad cops will get their due. It happened at both Ruby Ridge & Waco, for example.

    A rational person isn't going to knowingly take on a SWAT team. However, SWAT teams are known for not following procedure -- not announcing themselves and not bothering with the niceties of warrants. If someone in dark clothing kicks in your door in the dead of night & start pointing guns at your family, what's a reasonable reaction? Please kill my wife & leave me alone?

    On a different level, though, go back to Warrior Talk News & reread what that idiot said. This is exactly the stuff that will polarize citizens (especially minorities) against the police. It's also an insult to people who LIKE to live in cities, to be able to hop on mass transit and be in close proximity to cultural and entertainment venues.

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