Arrested TSA Employee Four LAX screeners arrested: Want to be a smuggler? Just bribe a TSA employee!

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Caradoc, Apr 25, 2012.

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  3. Lisa Simeone

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    And as Sommer Gentry always says, somebody who can take something out of your luggage can also be bribed to put something in.

    How long until some poor unsuspecting soul, an innocent traveler, is "caught" with either drugs or a weapon in his/her luggage? Drugs/weapon that were put there by the TSA??
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  4. Caradoc

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    Yes, I'm aware of the minimum post lengths, etc - it seems that my URL= commentary was eliminated for some reason.
  5. Mike

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    4 more dirtbags busted!

    Thanks for plugging the posting requirements, Lisa. Every little bit helps.

    Gotta find the muggies ... :)
  6. Mike

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    What happened to their spokeshole on the west coast?

    Guess it takes time to queue up four iterations of "We hold our perverts to the highest standards ..." That probably why that have all those program analysts on hand.
  7. Elizabeth Conley

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    I chortled with glee when I saw these shitbirds had made the blotter again. It sure has been a busy week for the TSA.

    They're going to get hammered some more when the lame-stream press picks up the story about the 7 YO cerebral palsey victim they terrorized. (Wow! The lame stream only took about 12 hrs to get a clue. This has gotta be a record for those bozos!)

    ROFLMFAO. Here's the TSA's lineup on DRUDGE tonight:

    COPS: TSA screeners let drug-filled luggage through LAX for cash...

    Agency defends patdown of sobbing 4-year-old girl...

    Family Misses Flight after TSA Gives Pat-Down to 7-Year-Old -- with Cerebral Palsy!

    REPORT: Congressman groped by T&A...

  8. KrazyKat

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    From the AP story in many places; this one at CNN:
  9. Fisher1949

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    Now we're up to 16 screeners arrested in the first four months of 2012. That puts TSA on pace for 48 arrests which is below their statistically predicted target of 60- 80 for 2012 based on 2011. There should be at least two more incidents this year involving three or more screeners along with the run of the mill arrests for individual thefts, smuggling and assaults.

    Then again we all knew this sort of thing was coming a few weeks ago when things were quiet. I recall posting something to that effect in late March or early April. There seems to be a lull in TSA negative reporting in late march and then it shoots up in April.

    All of these groping stories of little girls come almost a year to the day that they got jammed up for groping the 6 year old at MSY that we helped go viral from the other place.
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  10. DeafBlonde

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    Yes, but what did they expect? :confused: I mean, they got what they paid for, duh!
  11. Fisher1949

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    This makes six smuggling incidents involving one or more screeners in a little over a year.

    Any terrorist now knows the most serious flaw in TSA security, TSA screeners.

    Just bribe them, do two "safe" shipments, then load up the third with all the explosives they can fit in the bag.

    After a few hundred people are killed by TSA incompetence maybe the sheep will wake up.
  12. Mike

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    They are not in an L.A. County lockup. If anyone spots what jail they are/were in please post it so I can look for the mugshots.
  13. Monica47

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  14. Lisa Simeone

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    This is such a clusterfuck. It's unreal. Yet it just keeps rolling along.

    Children are being molested, adults are being molested, criminals are manning the checkpoints and stealing from passengers' bags, and people continue to put up with it.
  15. RB

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    These fine TSA employees were arrested by the feds so very good chance they are being held at the Los Angles Metropolitan Detention Center, a federal jail. I doubt mug shots will be available.
  16. RB

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    Sounds like someone gets it.
  17. nachtnebel

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    These lowlife b*st*rds would microwave their own mother if the price was right. So you gotta grope the little 4-year old girl and the 7 year-old with cerebal palsy without mercy, but the dirtbags in blue gloves are a hundred times more dangerous and represent a thousand times greater security risk. "Oh, but we KNOW them, we TRUST them".. REALLY???
  18. Mike

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    Can you say "oopsie"?

    TSA Screeners Watched Suitcases of Drugs Pass Through Airport

  19. nachtnebel

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    5 kilos? and they want to check the crotch of little kids to make sure they're not carrying that stray ounce?
  20. lkkinetic

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    This story was just the lead on the bottom-of-the-hour news update on Morning Edition on NPR.

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