Fox News: Confessions of a Former TSA Agent

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by NotaCriminal, Mar 6, 2012.

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    From the interview:
    Q: Why did you choose to leave?
    A: Plain and simple, I did not agree with the way they were asking me to treat travelers. While the policy is to be polite, but serious, my station took a more aggressive approach. I watched as my colleagues treated passengers as a factory assembly lineup as if people had no feelings or emotions.
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    That can be said of all the TSA's show of force farce.

    Sorry, you can't blame the :rolleyes: from the traveling public solely on your employer's policies. The disdain also comes from the abuse from your coworkers, the never ending stream of TSA employees that are arrested, etc.

    I carry two laptops, two cell phones, camera, Bluetooth headset, amplifier for my Sprint Aircard, and other stuff. Deal with it. [​IMG]

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    According to the Gestapo, you're a terrorist.
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    on one hand, I'm glad this person publiclly voiced what we here have be saying, but this part :

    He once told me that he was there to provide safety and security, not to run a charm school.

    Really strikes me has someone who doesn't really believe in safety and security, except in lipspeak but would rather get the high of walking back and forth, rapping a billy club.

    A huge part of making someone feel secure to make them feel comfortable and assurance. Not badger, intimidate, annoy, harasses or beat the piss of security into them.

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    GeTSApo, or TSAsi?
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