Freedom and balkanization of the states

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    I've mentioned from time to time the proposition floated by Meredith Whitney that states with more freedom, esp economic freedom, will attract more people and businesses from the less free states. It is happening, as seen in exoduses from states like New Jersey and Illinois.

    Take a look at this interesting goodbye letter sent by a former Illinois senator who just departed to Texas:

    due to the corruption rapacious tax system and outright thuggery by politicians,
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    Love it ...

    Will be there by tonight, bribe money in my pocket (well, no, typically carry $0 cash :D).
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    Great stats! WA is the most trade-dependent State in the US; no State income tax.
    De-volution to the States does go better when those States aren't wholly corrupt. Or wholly owned subsidiaries:(The near 100% return on Chinatown ballots in SF? No problem...right.:td:)

    The relentless drive to the economic bottom has something to do with this too. We are moving to increasing wage-slavery. The market isn't free, but I'm willing to take some risks on people who believe otherwise, and firmly in States-rights, to defend the Constitution. I'm not far from OR if for some reason I need to take refuge there.:) Californians, you are fools.

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