Freethought San Marcos: Becoming a victim of TSA’s goons

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Mike, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. Mike

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    While flying on a plane going west​
    My luggage lock was supposedly the best​
    It met all of TSA’s requirements and rules​
    But still they broke it looking for liquids and tools​
    [May be sung to the tune of Bob Dylan's Dream (1963), or not]​
    Last summer, I bought new luggage that came with a Travel Sentry Lock for a trip on JetBlue, traveling from Austin to California to take our grand daughter to Disneyland. The lock on my luggage was missing when I retrieved the bag in Long Beach. Inside was a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Notice of Baggage Inspection, the TSA stamp on the notice so light that it is nearly impossible to read. It appears to provide the date followed by “BW18105,” but I have no idea whether this code has any significance.


    I am a law-abiding senior citizen. I don’t deserve to have my property violated and destroyed by TSA, though I know that TSA will blame the conveyor belts and take no responsibility for its actions. But the loss of my $15 lock is insignificant when compared to TSA’s other common offenses.

  2. Frank

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    The day will come (soon, I hope) where the wearing of a TSA uniform outside of the constitution-free zones of an airport will be an invitation to a necktie party.

    It will the the only thing that gets their attention. Lord knows nothing else has worked thus far.

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