From the WTF files: Is new drug behind America's 'zombie apocalypse'?

Discussion in 'What's On Your Mind?' started by Lisa Simeone, Jun 7, 2012.

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    Cloud Nine aka bath salts are becoming a major problem. It makes K2 look like tylenol .

    Recently we had one person who had smoke "Bath Salts" that was tased by 2 officers at the same time and still didnt go down. I swear it was going to result in the nut job being shot, which means I'd jave to work and probably call for a helicopter. One trooper snuck up behind and one baton to the back of the knees and that was all she wrote as 5 other officers and troopers piled. They managed to keep him held down long enough for me to stick him with ativan and haldol. All in all one of the worst OD/Psych calls I have worked in a long while.
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    Im sorry that is the biggest marketing gimmick ever. It is nothing more then Hornadays A-Max with a green tip instead of red, and a $2-9 a box mark up. I refuse to buy any of that ammo, but I did keep a couple of boxes that were left on the ground at the range.

    Then again my SHTF rounds are as follows
    Pistol: 45ACP 200gr Hornaday XTP or FTX
    Rifle: 5.56 SS109/M855 62 GR steel penetrator or Sierra MatchKing 77gr FMJ handloads
    Shotgun: 12ga 00Buck, Slug (4 of each staggered)
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    It's good that you work with cops that are actually willing to subdue & hold him down for you. Too many cops in too many jurisdictions would simply have shot him without making the effort.
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    Well I'm close to Dallas and that officer involved shooting has been the topic of conversation. Most have been saying that cop is a coward for shooting someone in the back. This jurisdictions is a small rural Texas town (10 officers total) and we have a good working relationship with the local cops so it really helps when the SHTF as they know me and how I handle things. OTOH I know there protocol for handling things so I know when I can step in and when to hold back for a min.
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    I only posted the Hornaday for the humor aspect not as a show of supporting the BS hype.
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    I kinda of figured that was the case. Its always fun at the range when one of the zombie apoclypse types come in as they stick out like sore thumb. IE brand new high $$$$ AR with everything including the kitchen sink and doesnt know how to chamber a round or clear a jam.
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    I guess I'm not sold on all of the advertising hype on the "killer" bullets. I still use White Box 230 gr hollow points in my Sig P245. A well placed shot with most any bullet will do the job. I get my chops busted for only having a single stack pistol but my retort is that if you have fired a full mag and still have a problem then it's past time to get out of Dodge. But I do carry 2 spare mags, just in case.
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    I may be mistaken, but as I understand it these substances are not actually being dissolved in water and assimilated transdermally through bathing. They're being ingested, smoked, snorted...something like that.
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    Yes you would be correct, its via PO (oral route). This is a dangerous trend were seeing in EMS along with Chemical Suicides (using chemicals (various) in confined spaces in a attempt to suck in and contaminate/injure/kill first responders). This trend is making the K2 trend from a couple years ago look tame. Pt who are high on bath salts are highly unpredictable (see example above) and dangerous to the point now we wont make scene on any OD/psych calls till LE makes scene and the person is secured in cuffs and leg-irons.


    A article sent to us by our Health Care Nurse from JEMS (Was listed as Creative Commons License for usage - original link is dead from JEMS)

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    Yes, I think he knows that. I think he was just making a joke.

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