Frontier captain has quadriplegic removed from flight

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    From Denver ABC 7: Quadriplegic Passenger Forced Off Frontier Flight

    It was ok for him to fly to Ft. Collins two days ago, and it was ok for him to be on the next flight, but this particular captain took it upon himself to have the guy booted, even called the police to have him taken off.

    ^ to the Ft. Collins airport police who determined that this was not a law enforcement matter & declined to do the captain's dirty work for him.

    Also quoted in the article (full quote as federal regulations are not protected by copyright) are the DOT rules on the matter:

    I hope the captain is disciplined for this. There is no excuse in this day & age to be discriminating against handicapped people. There's a difference between a drunk and someone who has no choice regarding his physical circumstances. People in the latter category are entitled to reasonable accommodation.

    Also, those of us who've been through evacuation training know to take injured and incapacited people with you. "Take me with you" is drilled in repeatedly in the training.

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