Germany Also Revoking Posse Comitatus

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    Ok, they don't have this actual wording, but military operations against the domestic population have been verboten every since Heinrich Himmler swallowed the cyanide pill. They must think unrest is a possibility as the euro crumbles....

    German Court Lifts Ban on Domestic Military Ops

  2. Mike

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    Not sure how meaningful the change is -- there's a high probability that such a response would be under NATO/AFCENT control, and AFCENT traditionally is commanded by an American general. This time we would get to occupy all of Germany. :D
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    Mike, timing is everything. They've had how many years to change this? My math says 67 years. Why now?

    We've just had the federal investigators rule out criminal prosecutions of MF Global, where the management knowingly spent segregated customer money (which was always illegal, always automatically prosecuted in the past) to try to cover their own bad bets. The Sentinel case, which was similar, had a federal appellate court rule that NY Mellon Bank could leapfrog customers waiting to recover their segregated money and take that segregated customer money because it was illegally used as collateral. This is nothing other than a hostile takeover of our judicial system in this area by criminal elements.

    The stuff is hitting the fan now. The rule of law is evaporating right in front of us and we refuse to connect the dots.
  4. Mike

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    Not really 67 years. West Germany was formed several year after the war and was under our thumb throughout the 50's. The occupation itself didn't officially end until around 1990.

    There are articles at Deutsche Welle & BBC. Apparently it's in response to lower court decisions that a couple states pushed for several years ago.
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    Yes, but but the dropping of the military ban in Germany is being pushed through NOW.

    I think people are not thinking through what they are seeing. In the Sentinal case, which was started in 2007 and was ruled on last week, the federal court ruled that segregated customer money held by brokerages *for the customer's use only* could be gambled with, lost, and there was no recourse for the customer, with bankers knowingly taking that customer money as collateral and allowed to keep it. This potentially affects 401K, IRA, stocks, you name it. In the more recent MF Global fiasco, the same behavior on the part of MF Global has culminated in a criminal investigation that just ended with no criminal charges against those responsible. This means that it is open season on anyone's funds at such financial institutions. What is breathtaking about this complete abandonment of both fiduciary responsibility and oversight responsibility by the responsible federal agencies, is that the shredding of trust was done over very small sums. Just a few hundreds of millions of dollars, or 1.2 Billion for MF Global. This tells me that the financial system is getting very chaotic and stressed.

    The Sentinel Management Group ruling by the 7th Circuit appeals court should turn on alarm bells for everyone.

    btw, this piece from the appellate ruling just kills me:

  6. Frank

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    Ugh. Well, if you haven't bought precious metals it may almost be too late. I'm buying small change through Shire Silver at this point.
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    smart man. historically, every paper money system used since the Chinese invented it has broken and its value has vanished. gold*, as they say, has never been worth nothing...

    *silver, being the common man's gold...
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    The principle elucidated by the appeals court decision flatly states that segregated customer's money can be used by the holding financial institution to pay off its creditors and those creditors in bankruptcy can have precedence over the customers whose money it was. That is, the creditors taking the money have now been idemnified. That's on the side of those lending to facilitate this kind of gambling. On the side of the gamblers, the federal DOJ has made it clear there is no criminal consequence for institutions "misappropriating" customer funds in this manner (in the MF Global case) since this does not constitute fraud.

    Oh sweet maria. how skrood we are!!!

    Think about this principle and apply it to the $14 trillion in 401k and IRA holdings. think about how many creditors could be paid from *that* kitty.
  9. Frank

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    At one time there was a mechanism by which you could cash out your retirement and buy precious metals for physical delivery without penalty. Don't know if you can still do this. Personally, you might come out ahead to take the penalty. Half of something is better than all of nothing.

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