Germany - 'We have not established a society of fear'

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  1. exbayern

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    In the midst of 9/11 coverage worldwide, and when I read that the US will deply 300 more AIT scanners just a week after Germany gave them another failing grade, we have this report about the German collective response to the decade of terror threats.

    Threat of attack- Germans have become more relaxed. Our security services have become more experienced since the period of the 11th September 2001. Nevertheless, we have not established a society of fear.
    Germans have become more relaxed, matured, and are no so quick to feel insecure.

    The piece goes on to talk about the emotionally scarred US and how other countries were better able to maintain a balance of security and freedom over the past decade, even while terror threats occured with loss of life around the world.
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  2. Lisa Simeone

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    The USA has lost its collective mind.
  3. exbayern

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    Well, some of us are happy to help you try and find it again. I still hold out hope, even if I am an eternal optimist!
  4. Doober

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    Perhaps we had a collective view of ourselves as omnipotent and "special", found we were neither and can not deal with it?
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  5. Lisa Simeone

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    Please tell your compatriots that we aren't all hysterical, paranoid, delusional, and moronic.
  6. exbayern

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    Oh, we know! I think that many of us however are worried that about heading down a path we have been down before. The reason so many of us are so protective of certain rights is because we are just healing from almost a century of violations of others.
  7. Caradoc

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    Google Translate does some very, very odd things:

    "Entkrampftes Klima - Deutsche Sicherheitskräfte sind bemerkenswert effizient und wirken präventiv im Stillen."

    ...somehow becomes:

    "Relaxes air - German security forces are remarkably efficient and have a preventive effect on breastfeeding."
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  8. exbayern

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    Ahhh, that made me laugh! how on earth does breastfeeding come into this discussion? That sentence says that German security is remarkably efficient (hmmm, who has said that for a very long time??) Yes, 'Stillen' refers to breastfeeding, but not in that context!
  9. N965VJ

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    I remember going through FRA when I was a little kid and seeing officers with Uzis during the
    Baader-Meinhof era. Here in the States we just keep piling on the 'scurity because there's always Bad People™ out there, somewhere. Maybe behind that tree. :rolleyes:

    I wonder if part of the cultural difference is that a good portion of the population remembers when the whole sky would be full of B-17s dropping bombs, while on the other hand we had things like Japanese balloon bombs that only killed six people (and even today are not very well known because of the wartime censoring).
  10. exbayern

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    Well, considering that bomb removal in Germany is a pretty much weekly occurance in 2011 still, I tend to agree. I remember sitting in the classroom at school watching tanks roll down the main street of town. (American tanks, and no, I am not that old), and my first flight memory is of being seriously delayed on the tarmac at the old Munich airport during the 1972 Olympic games.

    Your comment about balloon bombs reminds me of the numbers list in the Imperial War Museum of the North (UK)
    The '6' at the bottom is I believe is the US figure you quote. If I recall the 17,000 refers to teachers killed under the Nazis, and the 593 to civilians killed during airraids on Manchester. The WWI museum in Kansas City has a similar list, but not quite as impactful.

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