Gingrich out to lunch

Discussion in 'What's On Your Mind?' started by Mike, Dec 18, 2011.

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    Quite wonderful commentaryon the affliction of ego:
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  3. Mike

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    With regard to labeling the Palestinians an "invented" people, that's largely correct. For the most part, they were Jordanian, but it served a convenient political purpose to force them to remain as refugees indefinitely.

    Israel hasn't exactly been a saint (that's kind of a no-brainer given that Jews don't have saints), but the Arab dictatorships around it are far worse.

    Who has created an economically viable democracy in the Middle East? And what else is in the neighborhood?

    Never fear, the clock is ticking from within. I do believe Israeli citizens who are also Arabs are reproducing faster .... :D
  4. Mike

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    Yupindoodles, and he nosedived nicely in the polls after that bit of stupity.
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    Newt the Arrogant guarantees he'll be on the VA ballot. DOH!:D
    His campaign assures they'll work vigorously on the write-in campaign. Double DOH!:D:D
    Picture The Simpson's Nelson, pointing "HA-ha!"
    Failing to get on the ballot in Virginia, where he lives, an online comment:
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