Got an active shooter problem? TSA's retards recommend throwing stuff at him!

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Mike, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. Mike

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    No need to make it up, this bull:poop: is real ...

    School Transportation News: TSA Guidance Addresses Potential of Active Shooters, IEDs

    ... and throw items" at the shooter. TSA said common office supplies such as paperweights, food cans, flag poles, chairs and fire extinguishers are among the items that can be used as weapons in these instances.

    No mention of praying, oh wait, they did mention praying -- that's a sign that one is a potential active shooter. Never mind.

    TSA is also offering timely advice on spotting & dealing with any of those pesky IED's (Improvised Explosive Devices) that might be spotted on Johnny's way to school.
  2. Mike

    Mike Founding Member Coach

    Not aviation security but a great illustration of TSA's stupendous stupidity...
  3. So what would you advise unarmed people to do when facing an active shooter if they can't flee or hide? My only problem with this is that throwing things would not be as effective as hitting the shooter with things directly. A fire extinguisher to the head or a good chair shot would be much better than a projectile that you hope knocks him down. But if you're not in a position to get close to him, or too scared, perhaps throwing whatever you can might change the balance of power, or knock him off his stance, or something. Better than just waiting to be shot, anyway. One piece of advice that I think is good when you're under attack is to refuse to cooperate with your attacker in any way. This might be a version of that idea.

    I don't know why TSA thinks it's their place to give this advice, since their advice to their trained professionals is more like, run for your lives! But I'm not sure it's truly terrible advice, just okay advice.
  4. Mike

    Mike Founding Member Coach

    5 people standing around throwing crap = 5 people shot

    5 people rushing the b*st*rd and taking him down = 1-2 people shot, 3-4 survivors, and 1 subdued tango

    You can either die like sheep or do something about it.
  5. Caradoc

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    Classical games theory, as per John Nash. The problem, of course, is that the Nash equilibrium for the situation assumes that all five will presume that rushing the b*st*rd and taking him down is the naturally agreed-upon solution.

    ...which is far from the truth, given how the average American is stupid enough to believe the TSA is actually making anyone safe.

    Edit to add: "TSA retard" is redundant. That's all they've got.
  6. nachtnebel

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    aaaaggghh. don't throw it. A fire extinguisher is a great weapon, spray to blind or create an excellent smoke screen for a rush toward the perp. Assuming things were that desperate.
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  7. RB

    RB Founding Member

    And TSA would disarm those people legally able to carry a weapon thereby giving all advatage to the bad guy.
  8. Good point about the fire extinguisher. I guess my point was, anything can be a weapon, so if what you have is a chair and a fire extinguisher, use them as best as you can in the situation. I agree, it's better to rush the shooter than throw things, but I have a feeling like that may be easier said than done when you find yourself in the situation. It depends so much on what stuff you have on hand, the nature of the room, how many other people are there, how scared you are, even, that there's no real way to specifically plan how to handle it. This looks to me like a best attempt at distilling complex hands-on advice into a readable bullet point format. It bothers me way more that they're advising people they have no business advising, and meanwhile giving their checkpoint employees no guidance in how to deal with the same situation, or even with a belligerent drunk (remember when the off-duty cop leaped in and saved a screener while another screener could barely climb over the barrier to get there?)
  9. Doober

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    You'll recall that along about the time the homeless woman beat on a screener and none of her compatriots came to her assistance, DHS came out with suggestions for what to do in an "active shooter" situation. After throwing things, DHS also suggested defending oneself with a pair of scissors. :rolleyes:
  10. nachtnebel

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    Maybe the most effective thing for TSA to tell its employees is to envison the perp as a pizza and waddle toward it.
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  11. Fisher1949

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    Sounds like a sure prescription for an unarmed person to become a dead unarmed person. While someone was attempting to follow these idiotic instructions, the shooter would have plenty of time to draw a bead on them and get a few shots off.
  12. FaustsAccountant

    FaustsAccountant Original Member

    I was going to cite the 3rd plane on That Day and agree with 'going down doing something about it' until I read the "average" part.
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  13. Rugape

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    Essentially almost all of the active shooter programs boil down to the "Flee, Hide, Fight" process. For those folks that are not LEOs, or not armed, the first process in an active shooter situation should be flee the scene. Just get out, get somewhere safe, and contact LEOs. If fleeing is not a viable solution, then hiding in place (or some other hiding place nearby) is the next option. Finally, if faced with the active shooter in your immediate sphere of activity, fight with whatever you have on hand - I saw some mentions of a fire extinguisher, that is an excellent weapon found in most businesses. Throwing something at the shooter can serve as a distraction, and if the person gets lucky, it can cause some damage. *Most* people are not trained to react to a violent situation like these in a coordinated manner, they have not been trained to use tactical thought processes, active distractions, hand to hand combat, how to use everyday objects as a destructive device in a hand to hand situation or even how to use equipment in place as a tool in tactics. Most people have watched a bunch of Steven Seagal movies and think that people really run right into a hail of bullets and never get hit, do one quick hapkido move and break someones arm off at the elbow, then unload the bullets from the magazine one at a time with their thumbs. This type of training gives some common sense protocols to the masses in order to try and give some increase in chances to survive the incident. I for one, think these programs are a good thing.
  14. Caradoc

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    True. Of course, *most* people seem to have accepted the training to believe the lie that our government is remotely capable of "protecting" them, too.

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