Gov’t-Issued Identification Not Needed To Pass Through TSA Security

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    Not that we didn't know this all along, but good to see it getting some publicity ...

    CBS Local San Francisco: Gov’t-Issued Identification Not Needed To Pass Through TSA Security

    Showing a government-issued identification at a Transportation Security Administration checkpoint is a practice most travelers consider part of the flying experience. However, it is not mandated by federal law.

    A KPIX 5 investigation reveals that passengers can pass through security checkpoints using a broad range of documentation including utility bills, prescriptions, credit cards, and even Costco membership cards – a fact that surprises veteran travelers.


    A KPIX 5 undercover producer tested this security system, arriving at the San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland airports without official documentation. In every case, the producer was allowed to pass through security using a student ID and personal credit cards and was not subject to a secondary screening before gaining entrance to the terminal.

    At the San Francisco and Oakland airports, the producer was asked by TSA agents whether she had a Costco card that she could show them.

    When the producer went to the Oakland airport for a second time without a wallet or any form of documentation at all, she was brought to the side of the security line to answer additional questions but less than twenty minutes later, she was allowed to proceed to her flight.

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