Government Security News: Bazooka round causes DFW evacuation

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Mike, Jun 25, 2012.

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    I can't give you the exact version date (because I don't know the technical name), but I can tell you that the one released was not the SOP (I can tell you that because I read through a lot of what was there and there were plenty of differences) that was current at the time of release. The SOP for many of the .gov branches (not just TSA) change their SOPs on almost a weekly basis, so any SOP/parameters given during the bid process would most likely be out of date by the end of the bid process. Sometimes those changes are a wording of a certain section, sometimes it is a complete process change. The problem with contracts for private contractors at this point (and it is a technical problem, not a practical problem) is the fact that the security processes evolve and change all the time. If we were to have a major incident, I am certain there would be changes based on what type of incident and how it has/had an effect on the screening process. Even with minor incidents, there are tweaks here and there that come out all the time, and that makes giving a company that gives them the exact expectations for running a checkpoint almost impossible.
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    Perhaps the process of SOP change is happening to fast for the intelligence level of TSA screeners. Would explain a lot!
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    We've already been told by several TSA employees that they're not allowed a printed copy of the SOP. I wonder if it's because they can't read. Or maybe it's for plausible deniability ("That's not in the SOP!")

    In any case, any person who believes that secret laws and secret rules are appropriate for a supposedly free society - and actively assists in enforcing them - is a (expletive deleted).
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    Douche bag, perhaps, Traitor more likely.
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    [Audible] Bull:poop:! [/Audible]. You must live in fantasy land or the koolaid is way strong lately.

    I can unload my backpack into two bins and have my shoes & belt (something no other country makes me do, nor unpack my backpack...and no planes have fallen out of the sky in those countries) off and through the WTMD and have my stuff back on and on my way in <30 secs. With the Porn-o-Scanners those same times go into the 3+ mins even if no "false readings" or "anomalies" are found. Then there is the whole matter of the sexual assault patdown, surround and intimidate, kidnapping/unlawful detainment, and lies that can add 10-120+ mins to things
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