Canada Grandmother Strip Searched

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    Like any sovereign nation, Canada can treat visitors any way they please. I just hope stories like this come to the attention of anyone contemplating spending their tourist dollars there, and the tourism industry suffers the resulting loss of income, knowing full well what the cause is.
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    The woman, 66-year-old Janet Goodin of Minnestoa, was traveling to Canada to play bingo & visit relatives over the Easter holiday. What she got was handcuffed, strip-searched twice and jailed for 12 days, after which the retards finally retested the motor oil and determined that it was (duh!) indeed motor oil.

    Any shame on the part of the retards? Only this:

    We need to find & post the names of the retards.
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    More details ...

    CBC video on arrest: Granny in border bust

    Winnipeg Free Press: Minnesota grandmother treated like drug smuggler over jar of motor oil

    Winnipeg Free Press: All we can offer Janet Goodwin is a sincere apology

    This editorial makes it clear just how retarded they are:

    The retards are using a test so notoriously bad that it yields false positives on chocolate, yet someone gets arrested, strip searched (twice) and jailed for 12 days based on the test?

    Huffington Post Canada: Janet Goodin, Minnesota Grandmother, Jailed After Oil Mistaken For Heroin At Canada Border Crossing (cites CBC as the news source)

    Thus far (as of 27 July) the retards haven't even had the decency to apologize for mistake. No apology from the retards in the Canada Border Services Agency after THREE MONTHS.

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    CTV: False drug charge puts grandmother behind bars

    Globe and Mail: Why did Canada Border Services strip search grandma? (editorial)

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    Apparently this is not the first time the family has been abused by the retards in the Canada Border Services Agency.

    Winnipeg Free Press: Detained woman's relative had customs run-in: Daughter's vehicle 'torn apart' at border

    There also appears to have been other misconduct on the part of Canadian authorities involved in this case -- misquoting her son in court affidavits and leaking information that caused a family member to be harassed:

    The article notes that the vehicle has never even been in her son Alan's possession.

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    I had considered driving to Thunder Bay & flying to Europe. I was going to do that for the Marrakesh Express DO in December but turned out to enjoy not flying so much that I've already canceled it. However, events like this certainly cloud the picture: We need to work to clean up our own country's act and also treat those other countries that abuse travelers in this manner like the pariahs they are.
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    Please, please, PLEASE don't disparage "retards" so.
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    It's crazy! I was just talking to a very, very good friend from college the other day. We went on a short educational trip to England. I never knew because this was the day of paper tickets, and having left mine in the hotel I had to fill out a lost ticket application, but one of our members was selected for additional security screening on our return out of MAN. He was taken to a room and literally strip searched for no other reason than his number came up. It's been almost 20 years, and this was the first I had heard this story.

    The funny thing was, one of our group had disassembled and then stuffed a laptop full of ecstasy pills. She acted nervous the entire check-in, boarding, and flight. Then when we went through whatever CBP was called back then, they brought out the dogs and she visibly freaked. I didn't know at the time what she had done, but I could tell that the mere presence of the dogs made her a nervous wreck. At the time I had no special powers, like I do today. However, those trained to know better never gave her so much as a glance, and her bag was never even sniffed by the dogs.

    So, there you go, TSA uses as justification that other people do it, and it's completely and totally mindless and ineffective.

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