Great blurb by Bruce Schneier on airport security

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    I don't know if you all subscribe to his online Crypto-Gram -- it comes out every month on the 15th. Here's the subscription link.

    Anyway, as I was perusing the current issue, I saw this and thought I'd share. It's so very true.

    Q. Are we safer for all the security theatre of airport checks?

    Of course not. There are two parts to the question. One: Are we doing the right thing? That is, does it make sense for America to focus its anti-terrorism security efforts on airports and airplanes? And two: Are we doing things right? In other words, are the anti-terrorism measures at airports doing the job and preventing terrorism? I say the answer to both of those questions is no. Focusing on airports, and specific terrorist tactics like shoes and liquids, is a poor use of our money because it's easy for terrorists to switch targets and tactics. And the current TSA security measures don't keep us safe because it's too easy to bypass them.

    There are two basic kinds of terrorists -- random idiots and professionals. Pretty much any airport security, even the pre-9/11 measures, will protect us against random idiots. They will get caught. And pretty much nothing will protect us against professionals. They've researched our security and know the weaknesses. By the time the plot gets to the airport, it's too late. Much more effective is for the US to spend its money on intelligence, investigation and emergency response. But this is a shorter answer than your readers deserve, and I suggest they read more of my writings on the topic.

    And this is what Pistole surely must understand: if you're looking for professionals at the airport, you're too late. Focus on them long before they get to the airport. Everything else is just for show.
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    Yep, even Kip Hawley admitted they would only catch a stupid terrorist.
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    But they have successfully outed folks trying to board aircraft with nefarious personal conditions such as colostomy bags and breast implants. So it hasn't been a total waste.
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    Yes, and we all have been saying this stuff till we're blue in the face. But it doesn't matter. The boneheaded, abusive procedures just get more boneheaded and abusive; and the stupid people who put up with -- and even embrace -- them don't learn anything.
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    And don't forget the boneheaded abusive blue-shirted thugs, who continue to get more boneheaded and abusive.

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