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    from a resident of Appalachia; where we still pretty much hold to a "leave me alone" approach to relations with governmental bodies. Combine that with an innate tendency to question authority and you can see why I don't fly anymore, nor will unless absolutely necessary. We (the family) used to travel most every month - now we go via automobile, and not as often.

    So, guess I'm a oddball in this august group. I don't have many stories to tell about traveling; although have a few about "security" in general, strong opinions thereof and a grave concern as to the direction in which this country is headed, and the future in which my nine year old will be living.
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    Welcome. And you're not an oddball. I took the last flight of my life in September 2010. I, too, used to travel a lot. Now the only travel I do is via car, bus, or train. And, as you know if you've read anything about VIPR, those modes of transport are also being invaded by the TSA.

    I've been urging a boycott of the airlines for two years. But this country is nowhere near being ready for a mass action like that. The abuse that's happened, already abundant, still isn't enough. Many, many more people have to be abused before they get it through their thick skulls that they should resist. Unfortunately, that's going to take years. And even then, it wouldn't take much to bring them back into line. One false flag -- or even real -- attack, and all you'd hear, all across the land, would be a great big Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
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    Welcome to TUG!
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    I don't fly anymore since they started the scope and grope either so put me in the odd ball category too. Welcome!
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    Welcome to TUG. I still fly for business but have cut back significantly because I fear TSA far more than I fear terrorists.
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    Nice to see new members! Welcome Underground.

    I fly for free, and have stopped because TSA is far more terrifying to me than the minuscule threat of "terrorism".
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    I would say even the concept of "Homeland Security" as more terrifying than the threat of terrorism. Smacks too much of "Ein Volk, ein Reich" for my taste. The USA became a great nation in large part by being a melting pot of disparate cultures and individuals, offering freedom and opportunity (OK, with glitches along the way) to all. Then came 9/11 and the great paranoid over-reaction; ultimately manifest in the TSA guilty-until-proven-innocent approach to security.

    Norway's response to their July, 2011 attacks was far more American than any coming out of Washington. That attitude, plus a determination to drag the perps out of their hole, and put them on trial before the world whatever the time and cost, should have been the USA response. Too bad we didn't have a good Republican President - say Teddy Roosevelt - at the helm.
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    Like he kicked butt at San Juan Hill?

    Norway was fortunate to catch the killer at the scene of the crime. There only one perp, and they caught him outside & away from his hole.

    The 9/11 hijackers were all dead, and those who had planned the hijacking were hiding in caves or wherever in Afghanistan, shielded by a government that wasn't about to hand any of them over.

    The two situations were very different.
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    Nope, not San Juan Hill. I had in mind the Perdicaris affair wherein one Ion Perdicaris was kidnapped in Morocco by a band of bandits (terrorists?) led by Mulai Ahmed er Raisuli. The government of Morocco was taking no constructive action to recover Mr. Perdicaris; being, as in Afghanistan, powerless to so do. To start, Roosevelt sent battleships heading toward the African coast. Historically, the content of the communication has become muddy (a popular version is here: but the basic message was "Perdicaris alive; or Raisuli dead." and anyone or anything standing in the way would suffer the consequences.

    The possibility that dear Ion perhaps was not actually an American citizen was discovered later. Probably mattered not to Teddy.
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    Welcome, welcome! And like Lisa said, you're not an oddball here. I used to fly once a week or every other week. That all stopped in November, 2010 when TSA began irradiating and groping people. Thanks, but no thanks.

    Anyway, lots of discussions here about travel, privacy & civil rights, and a 'what's on your mind'. :)
  12. Welcome. While new to this blog I am not new to the mission to stop the TSA from their invasive and harmful security measures. I have been lied too, violated, stolen from and traumatized. I refrain from flying except when I have little job or fly. Since I shake when going through security I really expect further violations to my person and dignity. This is not the America I know or love but willing to work for change.
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    Welcome to you, Rosemary.

    You're among friends -- we all feel the same.
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    Welcome. You are definitely not alone.

    I fly more than ever, but changed jobs so that my US business travel dropped by about 90%, and changed my holiday destinations so that my US leisure travel has been virtually nothing over the past two years. Instead, I am happy to gift my US timeshare to American friends, or use my miles to fly them to join me somewhere outside the US.

    My hope is that thanks to places like this, and the people who populate them, one day soon I will be able to change my habits back again and that all of you who are US-based can enjoy flying again.
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