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    So I have found the online home of ThousandsSupportingAnarchy over TsaSuxAnus? ;)

    If nothing else, I will testify next Year in the Hearings to abolish DHS and reign in its Executive Order fiat authority once and for all. Travelers do not interface with the other thousand tentacles of this overgrown Federal bully and its moronic, often ignorant, and always with attitude jackholes. Of the handful of holdovers from the old Agencies folded into DHS are in constant fear of termination because of their tenure so as to afford MORE of the automatons dressed up like 3rd World coppers.

    Government waste on Orders of Magnitude and what makes it infuriating is the smug, wgas attitude of so what?
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    But we luv TSA.:rolleyes:
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    Welcome Holic! :)

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