Groping: Has there been a change?

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Doober, Aug 24, 2011.

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    Also in the last 48 hours TSA's AGITPROP seems to have been in overdrive pushing out week-old fluff stories, first about the birds destined for China and today about the snakes and tortoises that were headed for Brazil. The search engines are just swamped with this stuff right now.
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    The Rutherford article is discussed here:

    (menu bar, search forums, rutherford, enter, bingo)

    There is also a site-specific Google search on the right side of the logo area on every page.
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    Je m'excuse pour le double affichage
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    It would be nice to see Kate Hanni speak out on the TSA more often. Trying to reign in the TSA is a more important issue than getting stuck on a plane because of IRROPS.
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    I signed a petition at earlier against NoS, and now get periodic emails.

    It seems they are in fundraising mode to lobby against NoS, and their track record here is remarkable.

    However, reading their forums, they are full of AFS people. If I recollect correctly, there was even someone who claimed he would gladly give up his anal cavity for search if he "could only be safer." :rolleyes:

    So, in summary, I imagine it's an issue near and dear to her heart, so she's trying to raise money so she can repeat what she has successfully done in the past. It seems, though, that it may be an uphill battle with her current crop of followers. We'll see...
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    Home of the brave.
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    There are a few left, not many, but some.
  8. myadvice

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    When I flew out of PIT last week I opted out and got frisked. The frisker asked me if I knew that they did not use the wand anymore. I told him I know, I've received the full testicle touching version. The frisk was quick, and my testicles did not get touched. On the return I also had the opportunity to get frisked in SJU. (My last frisk in SJU was the full testicle version; the worst that I have had to date.) This time it was slightly better than the last time but it was still much more involved than the PIT frisk. Too bad I can't drive or take the train to Puerto Rico.

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